Phad Thai Set @ 100AM Koufu

My Phad Thai Set Meal, $6.50  at 100AM Koufu today.

The weather has been getting a little crazily hot in the afternoon these days and I combated it with equally fiery food! 😀

Decided to check out the thai food from this stall since the Vietnamese Pork Ball Noodles I had the last round was quite nice.

The Menu at the cashier with all the pricing

The Steamboat Set Lunch for 2 at $18.50 each.

There are 4 options consisting of one steamboat soup, one veg, one meat and 2 rice. Looks good but need to find someone to share this!

The individual lunch menu

The Set Lunch menu for one pax

My Eyes brought me to A6 which is the Phad Thai Set consisting of a phad thai, a tom yam soup and a salad.

I was really tempted by the rice too but noodles WIN, anytime 😛

The Salad.

A little heat is detected in this but the crunch, sourness, sweetness keeps me digging for more.

The Tom yam Soup.

It is a small bowl of tom yum soup with one piece of crab stick, one slice of tomatoes and a few slices of a huge mushroom. There is not much ingredient in the soup but the taste of the soup itself is sufficient to transport you to Thailand! 😛

The Phad Thai as served.

I was a little surprised to see so much sauce surrounding it.

Part of the shells on the prawns have been removed to make eating easier. Lovely gesture.

Digging out all the ingredients in the phad thai.

There were 2 prawns, 3 rings of squids, lots of beansprouts, some chives and lots of rice noodles. It did not feel like a phad thai at all. It felt more like our local hokkien mee but cooked using rice noodles instead of the yellow mee and bee hoon and missing that wok hei smell. A tad disappointed at the lack of authenticity and there was not even a trace of egg in it. No lime too! 🙁  Taste wise, edible lah. 😛 I guess the rice items may be a better bet!

Koufu Pte Ltd
Thai.Viet Cuisine
100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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