Peperoni Pizzeria @ Zion Road

All we knead is LOVE! All we need is dough to make delicious Pizzas!!!

Nothing beats having a great pizza for dinner! A great place for family and group gathering over warm food, chilled drinks and great conversations! Opened by the owners of the Les Amis Group, Peperoni Pizzeria was bustling when we visited!

We were debating whether to sit outside or inside and finally settled down in the air-conditioned area of the restaurant after we got  the attention of the service staff. Seated at a nice location right in the middle of the restaurant facing the wooden oven where the pizzas were made.

Main Menu. For the detailed menu, please click here

This is the pizza menu.  A very unique menu where the selection is pinned on the pizza board. There are 3 different sizes of pizza (Medium, Large and eXtra eXtra Large) and 15 different varieties. If you want to load your pizza with more toppings/meat, you can do so too for a little extra ranging from $3-$13 depending on the topping and size of your pizza.

The coaster screaming pizza fanatic so how can we not order one?  😛

I left the ordering to my dining companion as I was half full from snacking while waiting. Only had my mind on tasting the pizza…:D . The danger of leaving the ordering to him is you will more often than not end up crawling out of the restaurant with a bursting belly!

We started with a Calamari Fritti, $14. Essentially deep fried Squid rings served with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce.

The arrabiata sauce surprised me as it was  served warmed. I was expecting a chilled sauce to contrast the hot squid but having a warm sauce is another way of enjoying the meaty squid. The lemon mayo was lightly refreshing.

Close up of the meaty squid with nicely thin crust. Nice.

Next came the  Funghi Portobelllo con Verdurine, $18 – Deep fried whole portobello with sauteed vegetables in arrabbiata sauce. I have not seen this method of preparing portobello before. Typical cooking method is to grill it and serve with a healthy salad. Hence seeing it breaded and deep fried is a first for me!

Side profile of the mushroom covered by the vegetables and sauce. It was pipping hot even after we have left it on the table for a while.

Cross section of the Portobello.

The crust was a little thicker than I would have preferred but it was still crispy and the portobello nicely cooked.  What did not work for me was the olives in it. 😛

The third antipasti!  – Mozzarella Fasciata con Prosciutto, $18. For a person who is not hungry and having eaten 2 appetisers, this one is clearly a winner as I loved it! The mozzarella is wrapped with parma ham,  pan fried and then served with wild rockets. Mamamia!

The cross section of the mozzarella wrapped within the parma ham. Savoury ham and slightly springy cheese. Delicious! We felt that they could cook the cheese a little more so as to get the pulling effect.

Finally, our pizza arrived! As there was only 2 of us, the XXL pizza would be too big for us,hence we settled for the Large Pizza (Half/half), $24, where we can have 2 flavours (Suprema and Frutti di Mare) in one pizza.

Close up of the Suprema which comprises of shitake, chicken sausage, onions and red chilli. Be warned that the chilli is really spicy! Do picked out the hidden pieces if not you may have to douse yourself with plenty of water!

Close up of the Frutti di Mare. There are prawns, clams, scallops, squid rings, fish and garlic in it. Yumz…

My thin slice of pizza with plenty of succulent prawns. 🙂

Good food has to be accompanied with a nice chilled drink right? 😛 Had to keep my sanity alive with a frozen Margarita, $15. It was not as frozen as I had expected though.

The bar area where the drinks were prepared.

My companion’s Latte, $4.

There is no service charge at Peperoni so tip if you are happy with them. Carpark is available outside the restaurant but is pretty limited so it it better to take public transport as t is located along the busy Zion Road, at the corner just beside Zion Road Food Center. The XXL pizza is definitely one of the interesting selling point and at almost full capacity, the chattering of the patrons may get too overwhelming for people looking for a less noisy place to relax. When that happens, you can consider popping over to the French Restaurant, opened by same group,  Bistro Du Vin located just beside it. 🙂

Peperoni Pizzeria
56 Zion Road
Singapore 247781
Tel: 67323252
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 12pm – 10.30pm
Sun: 11am – 10.30pm

Photos taken with Iphone4S (adjusted due to dim/orange light)

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