Penang – Ong Cheng Huat Seafood 椰脚,王清发海鲜


Da-best spring chicken I have ever had!

Heading over to Butterworth for our lunch! Lovely weather and beautiful clouds on the way!

Crossing the Penang Bridge

It was a long drive to our lunch place and I was entertained by the beautiful clouds and scenery unavailable in SG.

Finally, we reached our destination after a ~45min drive!

It was quite difdifficult locate this place but thank goodness we have a Penangite who knows the way! Definitely a non-touristy eating place! 😛

The place was almost 80% full when we arrived at ard 3.30pm!

Exploring the place while the orders were being taken. There was a big sign saying that they have coconut flower wine on sale with the new pricing. Was told that it is a specialty here and my post-googling for reviews made me realised how popular this place is for good food!


Some titbits on sale at the shop

Bags on huge prawn crackers screaming for you to buy them!

Another view of the place with the signature dishes decorating the wall

Did not realise it was featured by Ah Xian too – a popular food program in Malaysia

Close up of the signature dishes

Pano View of the restaurant

We could not resist buying a bag of Prawn Crackers, RM14 to eat but before we get to eat it, our food were served!

The bottle of Coconut Flower Wine 椰花酒, RM8.50, that we had.

A very interesting wine that looks like barley. It has a nice after fragrance thought the initial smell may need some getting use to. It has a slight fizzy feel due to the continuous fermentation process but is actually a sweet tasting and easy drinking wine. I later learn that this is called Toddy and is actually poor man’s wine ! 😛

Due to its continuous fermentation process, it is not possible to takeaway the drink as it will turn sour after a period of time. Hence, drink as much as you want here! Cheers! 😛

The pace at which the food is served here is amazing! Barely 10min into placing our order, the first dish was served!

Crispy Mantis Prawns 虾蛄肉, RM22

Close up of the nicely de-shelled and deep-fried mantis prawns! YUMS! They are so cripsy and the sauce so nice that we cannot stop eating!

Steamed Snapper 潮州蒸鱼 (Half), RM55

The fish was sooooooooooooooo fresh! And it goes very well with the soup on the plate. A little tangy, very appetizing and great with rice BUT they do not serve rice here! @@

Another of their specialty – Popiah Prawn Fritters 鲜虾脆薄饼, 3 pieces RM22

So thin and so crispy!

There is a thin layer of prawn paste  and some prawns spread inside the popiah skin and then deep-fried. Perfect with the accompanying chilli sauce

Our carbs since they do not serve rice!

Close up of the Fried Mee 炒面 (medium), RM6.50, served with sambal balachan chilli! Thumbs up!

Close up of the Fried Bee Hoon 炒米粉 (medium), RM6.50, which was delicious too!

Stir-fried Clams 炒蛤蜊, RM18

If you have been following me, you will know that I am not a shell person but this dish won me over! It was so fresh, so meaty and juicy that I wished it was placed right in front of me so that I can eat non-stop! LOL

Close up of one clam

That was how I ate it, with plenty of the wine sauce and I tell you, they are not at all stingy with the wine they added to it! Beware of those cut green chilli though as it gets quite numbing when you accidentally chew on one! Shiok!

Deep Fried Spring Chicken 香炸童子鸡 , RM6.50 each

This is another of their specialty and my sister insisted that we get one spring chicken each and I am glad that she insisted! One chicken each is not enough!

The chicken was so well marinated and there was literally zero fat beneath those skins! It felt like it was braised instead of deep fried and the meat was so juicy and tender!! A must-eat when you are here!

Half a spring chicken – Did I mention they are free range too?

It is really tiny, just look at that wing! It is about the size of my baby finger!

Snails with vegetables螺肉, RM22

Close up of the Escargot. Interesting dish and the escargot was not chewy at all!

Our fibers

Stir-fried Di Huang Cai 帝王菜, RM9

Stir-Fried Cai Xin, 菜心, RM9

The speed at which they served the dishes filled up the table very quickly and we had to pace ourselves accordingly too!

Blackie nua-ing in the resturant while we ate 😛

Our very shiok meal came up to RM225.50 (~SGD81.40). A very reasonable price for Penangites too for the freshness and the amount of food we had!

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Namecard.

Very unusual for a seafood place to be opened during lunch only (yes, they are not open for dinner!) and for those who must eat rice, do note that they do not serve it here. Eat the bee hoon lah! It is good! 😉

Map behind the namecard showing you the exact location as it can be pretty hard to locate.

Congratulatory messages on the wall. From what I was told, the seating area used to look just like a shed, not so airy and big like what we see now.

A MUST-VISIT when you are in Butterworth and definitely worth the drive from Penang . Just remember to grab your GPS and keep your eyes wide open to look out for the signs to navigate to the restaurant! Reservations are recommended!


Ong Cheng Huat Seafood  椰脚, 王清发海鲜
2004 Bagan Lallang
Penang 14000
Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-5.30pm
Closed on Monday
Tel:+60 4331 4782

GPS: 5.444058, 100.396202

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Photos taken with Iphone6

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