Penang – Ah Chui Seafood 阿水海鲜 @ Jalan Paya Terubong

First big dinner in Penang and we are off to Ah Chui Seafood in the Ayer Itam area in Penang!

Have you seen this fish before?? This is the first time I am seeing it too! It is a deep sea fish and we decided to have it for our meal on the recommendation of the boss.

Selection of fresh fishes available for the night. Take your pick and decide how you want to have it prepared.

Cat Fish?

Prawns and crabs for you to pick too! You can see how fresh the food are and decide if you want to eat them!

The types of vegetables available.

Urbanites like me probably cannot tell which is what hence I am really fortunate to leave the ordering to my sister who has been here numerous times while the rest of us check out the toilet (it has been a long drive!) and then do the eating! 😛

Cute signage at the entrance to the toilet 😛

Back to food – the signature dishes at Ah Chui Seafood of which we ordered quite a few.

Getting an ice cold homemade longan drink to start my meal while the rest had beers/soft drinks.

The pretty bucket of ice to go with the beer and soft drinks

The dishes were served very quickly. First up – Signature La La, RM18.

Very fresh and we love the sauce it was cooked in. It was a little spicy for me but was very shiok! Goes very well with rice! Yums!

Next up, BBQ Sting Ray, RM25

Very meaty and perfectly grilled with perfect balance of flavours. A little sour, a little sweetness and very juicy! It was soooooo good that we had second helping!

Our second helping of the superb sting ray!

This is one Old Vegetable 老菜, RM8, that we do not know the name but was told that in the olden days, this vegetable was what was used to feed the pigs! So we have become swines! 😛 LOL..

Close up of the old vegetable.

I did not really like it as though it was crunchy, it had a bitter after taste.

Another Veg – Egg plants, RM12

The eggplants were very meaty and deep in colour and cooked so thoroughly that it had soaked up the savoury sauce. Nice!

Our must have – Sambal Kang Kong, RM8

Another Signature – Assam Prawns, RM36

Something different from all the prawns we had so far and I only had 1 and it was all gone!!!! Argh!!!

The star of our meal – “Chicken Meat” Fish, RM54

Another view of the fish

From the chinese name, we had thought that it was muscle meat fish as the pronunciation was too alike and the texture of the meat was pretty firm and muscle like. It also had some resemblance to chicken meat. It was only after the meal that we checked with the boss again that we got to know that the name of the fish is so called because the meat was said to resemble that of chicken meat 鸡肉. The bosses were so friendly that they even asked for our hp numbers so that they can whatsapp us the English name of the fish!

Another Signature Dish – Home made Fish Ball Soup自制鱼丸汤 RM20

The balls are all of irregular shape as they are handmade

My portion after dividing equally among the 6 of us. There was some herbs in the soup to perk up an otherwise plain dish.

Deep-fried Shrimps, RM18

This dish completes the shiok factor of the meal! Instead of the signature deep-fried Squid which was sold out, we had shrimps deep-fried with the same batter. Perfect dish to accompany ice cold beer and the best part, the shrimps were meaty and the shells were so soft that they do not poke you when as you swallow them! Double thumbs up!

Our bill

Our food only bill was RM227 and after factoring in our drinks of RM54.60, the total bill came up to RM281.60 (~SGD101.66). Very shiok and cheap meal for the amount that we ate.

Post Dinner, we received an education in crabs as the boss showed us why the roe of the 2 crabs looked so different.

The crab that has roes that are black/grey outside has plenty of roes in the body too whereas the one with mustard colour roes outside would have none left in the body. So if you like more roes, pick the one that does not look so appealing when raw. HAHAHA…


Close up of the sharp teeth of the “chicken meat” fish used to feed on the living things in the corals

View of the restoran with the kitchen and selection of seafood greeting us as we arrived.  Despite the kitchen being outside, the seating area was not stuffy at all!

Ah Chui Seafood Namecard

Map of Ah Chui on the back of the namecard with GPS Coordinate: N 05 23′ 13.7″ E100 16′ 29.4″

Must Visit when you are in Penang!

Ah Chui Seafood 阿水海鲜
1238 T, Taman Indah, Jalan Paya Terubong
11060 Ayer Itam, Penang
Tel: +60 48660903 / +60 124103303
Opening HOurs: Everyday from 5.30pm to 11:00pm
Close on Alternate Wednesday (Call to enquire)

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