Passion Cafe @ Cecil Street

Eating in the Central Business District (CBD) is a very stressful event as you have to beat the hoards of white collar workers streaming out from their offices for a seat at a food center and then to endure the stares from those waiting for a seat while you eat your food.We suffered none of those today as we were released just a little earlier than the normal office crowd and headed to a “hidden” location for lunch.

Passion Cafe is located on the 2nd level of Tung Ann Building and the way to get up is via a staircase hidden behind the coffee lady at the  coffeeshop on the ground floor.

The Menu here is simple but the variety is quite a lot for a small place like this.  The highlight is Japanese food but they serve Western and Asian Food too.

There are also side orders that you can order to share with your friends. Prices here range from $3 for 3 pieces of fried ebi to $12.50 for a Mixed Bento set consisting of unagi and yakiniku (beef). The average price for the food is around $6-7 and the prices are nett pricing which is really reasonable considering the location and quality of food. Although you have to go to the counter to place and pay for your food and collect your cutlery, we have no issues with that.

Miso and Corn Soup that you can help yourself to.

A col’s Chicken Teriyaki Bento, $6.50. Looks good right? For $6.50, it comes with appetisiers, and fruits. I find the portion really appetising and value for money.

A Japanese coursemate’s Gyoza Curry Rice, $6.50. This is his first time in Singapore and he told us that the curry tasted the same as in Japan but the combination of gyoza and curry is not available in Japan. LOL.. He also commented that the rice was pretty authentic.

My Ebi Tempura Moriwase with Udon Soup, $6.50  and my self-helped miso soup.

Close up of of tempura. There were 2 big and fresh prawns, one big slice of carrot and 2 pieces of brinjal. Very fresh though the batter was a little too overwhelming for me. 😛

Everyone was surprised at the speed at which the food was served as we barely had time to return to our seats after getting the soup and the service staff is already dishing the food to our tables. 😀 The whole place is air-conditioned but we did not reek of oily after the meal. Definitely a good place to have a relaxed meal in the CBD without being hawked at. Best of all, no need to chop seats with tissue paper as boxes of it are provided on the tables for your use. 🙂

Passion Cafe
141 cecil Street
Tung Ann Building

*delivery is available but I forgot to note down the number. Will update the next time i visit. 🙂

Photos taken with Iphone4S

  1. carol

    Do u know where they have moved to?

    • slowchomp

      Hi Carol,
      Sorry i do not know. Will update here if i have any news of them. 🙂

    • slowchomp

      Hi Carol,

      I think they have shifted to Lim Teck Kim Road, directly opposite Genting Centre. Will re-verify it again 🙂

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