Paradise Teochew 潮樂轩 @ Chinese Swimming Club, Amber Road

These cute piggy buns were not what I came here for but it became the highlight of my meal! 😛 Visited Paradise Teochew at Chinese Swimming Club but there is nothing very Teochew about this meal as we had the dim sum and not the typical main meal where you will order the steamed pomfret and braised items. Anyway, there is no rule to say that we must eat Teochew food in a Teochew Restaurant right? 😛

The restaurant is located on Level 3 of the Chinese Swimming Club and it is open to public.

Interior of the restaurant.

There were some food items on display and they immediately caught our eye.

Pot of tea containing our Pu Ter ($1.20++ per pax)

Love the prints on the cutlery.

Menu – Appetisers.

The suckling pig looks so tempting but you will need to order in advance in order to eat this! The chilled yellow roe crab is a very teochew dish that you can considered eating when here.

Menu – Noodles, Rice and Teochew Porridge

The crispy sweet and sour noodles in teochew style looks pretty interesting but due to the amount of food we have ordered from the dim sum menu, we just have to KIV this till the next visit.

The Dim Sum Menu

Dim Sum Menu – Appetisers

Dim Sum Menu

Appetisers and gongfu cha served before meal.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling ”Ha Kau“ 笋尖虾饺, $5.80++

Thin skin and full of prawns!

Steamed Pork Dumplings “Siew Mai” 香菇鱼子蒸烧卖, $4.80++

Very good too!

Prawn Paste chicken 香脆虾酱鸡, $7.80++

Pipping hot and juicy!

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling 上海小笼包, $4.80++

Sweet broth in the dumplings.

Steamed Cheong-Fun with Dough Fritter葱花炸两肠粉,$4.80++

This taste better when eaten immediately after it is served!

Deep-Fried Mango Roll 脆皮香芒卷, $5.80++

Succulent prawns and sweet mangoes wrapped within.

XO Carrot Cake XO萝卜糕, $10.80++

Love this!

Piggy Custard Bun 奶香猪仔包, $5.80++

So cute right? 😛

My Piggy Bun – with emotion! LOL

Inside of the piggy bun.

There were pine nuts in the custard so you pay for the ingredients and not just the cuteness.

View of interior with paintings of Opera Singers.

Love the high ceiling and spacious interior. There are private rooms available for reservation too.

Our bill came up to $48.14 after a $18 discount (from a voucher we received from another Paradise outlet), 10% service charge and 7% GST. Pretty value for money considering the quality of food. Do make a reservation before heading over to secure a table as the restaurant was quite busy when we arrived.

Paradise Teochew 潮樂轩
21 Amber Road,
#03-01 Chinese Swimming Club,
Singapore 439870
Tel: 6348 7298
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm

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