Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Pagar Market

There are many cheap and good Nasi Lemak stalls in Tanjong Pagar Market. If you were to ask any of the patrons at the food center, they will probably point you to different stalls where they get their nasi lemak fix from.

I am lucky today because I made up my mind quickly that I wanted to eat the Nasi Lemak from Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak ,#02-43. The lights from the signboard were switched off just as I joined the queue at 12.05pm! Then uncle came out to take orders and told the customers not to queue as they are out of stock! Very nice gesture I would say so that customers do not waste their precious lunch time queueing for food that is no longer available.

I got my Nasi Lemak very quickly and could still opt for the fried chicken part that I wanted – drumstick! As I was not very sure how many items the standard set consists of, I left the auntie to decide what goes onto my plate.

My plate of Pandan Nasi Lemak ,$2.50, with fried fish, fish cake, deep fried chicken drumstick, peanuts (covered by the chilli) and cucumber with additional chilli that I requested for. 🙂 I chose the egg and chicken part and the other 2 items were picked by Auntie. The rice was lightly coloured green by the pandan and it smells so wonderfully fragrant. It tasted great too and coupled with the chilli, I think I can go for second serving! Haha..

Close up of the chicken drumstick. The skin was crispy and savoury and the meat was still juicy. Yummy. Given a choice, I would not have asked for fried fish as I just do not know how to appreciate it although the only meat from the traditional nasi lemak is fish. The variety of items evolved much later.

For only $2.50, one could not ask for more as it is really cheap and good. The rice is fragrant and the chilli goes very well with it without overpowering the pandan and coconut in the rice. Do go early if you want a taste of this nasi lemak!

  1. alvin

    hi..anyone know..? tanjong pagar hawker is closed..where has pandan leaf nasi lemak relocated to..?

  2. Alvin

    Hi …anyone knows where they have shifted to..?

    • slowchomp

      Hi Alvin,

      Sorry for the extremely late reply. Tanjong Pagar Market has reopened and Pandan Nasi Lemak is is back in the middle section. They are sold out at 12pm as usual so do go early if you wanna get your nasi lemak fix! 🙂

      • Alvin

        Thank u so much!! it’s been a year! LOL

        • slowchomp

          Lol.. Sorry about that! Just shows how much time I have for this little blog of mine!!! ☺

  3. Alvin

    watz been keeping u busy..?

    • slowchomp

      Standard answer for Singaporeans – work!! :p

      • Alvin

        SianzZzz…me too..
        am sick of the rat race here in $$tinkapore!!!

        • slowchomp

          Lol.. Try and find something that you like to do. Helps shift the focus away from the “amazing race” :p

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