Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Pagar Market

Finally got my Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak Fix! Been trying my luck every time I popped by the renovated Tanjong Pagar Market and and finally I am third time lucky!

Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak is back at Tanjong Pagar Market but at a new location. It has shifted from #02-43 to #02-25. Not difficult to find them as you just need to look out for the long queues that snake in front! First time I went, the lights were off by the time I reached! Hahaha.. The 2nd time I tried (on Monday),the queue was this long at 11.50am but the light was still lit. There were easily 16 people in front of me and I decided to try my luck. After queuing for 5-10min, Uncle came out to take the orders and just when he reached the third person in front of me, he declared that there was no more rice!! Sob…!

Today at 12pm,  the queue snaked the other way and I decided to try my luck again since there were only about 10 people in front and when Uncle came out to take the orders, the lucky stars must have been shining on me as there were still enough rice! 😀

A view of the stall as I neared the head of the queue.  Price has increased by $0.50,the standard increase at the market after renovation, to $3. Still pretty reasonable given the amount of ingredients you get on your plate.

A closer look at the ingredients and Auntie and Uncle behind preparing the orders.

There were still a lot of chicken wings but the drumsticks quantity is very low. When I placed my orders, Auntie said that there is no more drumsticks though we saw some. Uncle explained and even showed us that they do not sell those drumsticks as they are not “pretty”. It is either too tiny or the bone has broken or they do not look like a drumstick so Uncle told us it is better to  have the chicken wings.

My Nasi Lemak with the Pandan Rice , $3, with chicken wing, egg, ngoh hiang (meat wrapped in beancurd skin) and fish cake. I selected the egg and told Auntie I do not want luncheon meat (as I had close to half a tin myself the night before! ) and fish so she gave me the fish cake and ngoh hiang.

First time trying their ngoh hiang. Nothing to shut about though. Maybe the luncheon meat would have gone better with the rice 😛

Close up of the chicken wing.

Pardon me for such an ugly pic as I was too hungry and eager to chomp on it! 😛 Still tasted as good.. love the crispy bits and the juicy meat! Will have to try and go earlier next time to get my hands on the drumsticks!

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Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak
Blk 6  Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center

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