P2010: Week 1

A round up of what I ate for the 1st week of 2010!

Week 1, Monday: After all the feasting from my trip in HK/Zhu Hai, Xmas and New Year, I decided to start off the 1st working lunch on a very healthy note. We went to the newly opened, 24hr coffeeshop at TPC, Jia Wei 佳味, which used to be occupied by Anne’s Gourmet. Anything new at TPC is always welcome as people who worked here would know, we always run out of ideas as to which coffeeshop to go for lunch. So we were like bees being attracted to honey to the new coffeeshop.
There were long queues of people wanting to try out the new stalls and me being me, went to the only vegetarian stall in the whole of TPC which has the shortest queue. 😛
This is not a new stall but relocated due to the renovation of the coffeeshop. I ordered the Vegetarian Kueh Chap not knowing what exactly the ingredients were but knowing that the taste cannot go wrong as they are all made of gluten. 😛
My bowl of Kuek Chap came with Dou Por (Fried Dried Bean Curd), Dou Gua (BeanCurd), Zai Er (Fried Bean Curd Skin), eggs and big intestine. This is the 1st time I am eating mocked big intestine. I am really surprised that it looks really like the real one but of course the taste was nowhere near.
Tuesday: We went to the coffeeshop with only 2 stalls – one malay and one laksa/prawn mee stall. This coffeeshop is very near to the main road and is right next to Gate 1. This is probably the only place that you can still buy food at only $2!! Cheap right??? Best of all, it tastes good!! I heard that the 2 uncles have been selling laksa at the coffeeshop for a long time.
Do go early if you want to eat the laksa as they do not prepare a lot. Once the gravy runs out, they call it a day. 🙂
Wednesday: We back to the same coffeeshop as yesterday. This time, we ordered from the Malay Stall.
Have seen hordes of people eating this dish but it is the first time I am trying it. Business was good and they run out of the proper serving container for the ayam penyet hence ours came on plates. I find that the chicken was a little dry and tough but the sambal chilli that came with it was so devilishly good! Spicy but u just cannot stop dipping into it. 🙂
Thursday: It was out to Amara Food Court for lunch!
I had the spicy noodles with Xiao Long Bao from the Hong Kong Specialities Stall. This stall is run by a Chinese and all the noodles are made by him on the spot when the order is placed. A value for money set, you get 4 Xiao Long Bao (meat dumplings) with your noodles. You have to eat your xiao long bao quickly before it cools down else all the soup in the dumpling will seep out when you attempt to take the dumpling from the bamboo container.

Friday: Time to eat at my Favourite Zhi Char Stall. For those who do not know, this stall is at the coffeeshop facing the inner carpark at TPC, facing Gate 1. Any dish with Pork Rib is good. Hahaha.. We ordered Black pepper Pork Rib with rice. I think this dish was “created” by me last year as I have not seen anyone eating it there before. It comes with 4 generous pieces of meaty, lean pork rib, some fries and a lot of rice.

The portion is considered big for ladies. 🙂

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