OZ Specialty Coffee @ Thomson V Two

Another Sunday brunch but a super quick one today as we had to rush to the airport for pickup! PB is late as usual, reaching my place at 1-ish instead of 12-ish as he had committed and so we did not have much time to chill. The carpark at Thomson V Two was a little strange as the direction was totally reversed so do be careful if you are intending to park there. The other option would be to park at the open air carpark at Sin Ming Road and cross over to the cafe.

I gave PB 2 options as to where we could eat and we ended up at OZ as it was the first cafe that we saw upon exiting the carpark and also because of the super friendly staff who not even gave us detailed directions to reach the other cafe, but also frank opinions as to which cafe may suit us better. He suggested taking a look at their menu and the menu at the other cafe before we decide where we want to eat and that was it, we followed him into the cafe and took a seat in the limited air-conditioned area as the outdoor was too sorching. LOL. 

The cafe is pretty small and it can seat only 5 indoors and 16 pax outdoor.  Everything is neatly packed into the small area that you see above.

The tiny kitchen area is clearly visible from where we were seated. Given the scale of the kitchen, you do have to be a little patient in getting your food.

The simple one page menu at OZ.

There are cakes available on display that are not listed in the menu.

So tempted by this lemon meringue tart in the fridge!

And this carrot cake at the counter but since we do not have much time, these have to be KIV. 🙁

We sat facing this wall that was simply but subtly decorated with animals peeping out from the cracks.


See, giraffes and reindeers(?) coming out from the wall? LOL

Some of the coffee making apparatus on display. They have it for sale too so you can browse the retail part of the cafe if you are interested.

Our lattes. Since there was 2 different coffee beans available, we opted for one of each.

This is the latte made with Sumatra beans.

This is the latte made with the roadster blend which both of us prefer over the sumatra beans.

My Big Breakfast, $14. I had thought PB would order the Salmon Breakfast but he was just too lazy to read the menu when he placed the order so both of us had the same food. 

Extracted from the menu, the big breakfast is served with generous servings of buttered scrambled eggs + streaky bacon Strips + large Pork frankfurter sausage + specialty jam in a jar + multi-grain toast + mesclun salad mix dressed in home-made honey vinaigrette + home-made toasted almonds + tomato

The portion of the scramble eggs was really generous! PB love it.

I like the streaky bacon that as Oh-so crispy!!! You can hear the crackling sound with every bite!

The sausage was yummy too.

I had thought there was no dressing on the salad from the looks of it but I was wrong. It was lighted dressed with honey vinaigrette that is almost perfect.

Close up of the multi-grain toast. I had wished that they were slightly thicker to go with the specialty jam that came with the breakfast.

The blond orange marmelade that came with it.


You can see the streaks of orange sacs in it.

Very nice with the toast but may get a little sweet if you over indulge in slapping on the jam onto the thin toast. 😛

PB was too enticed by the cute size of a drink that was ordered by another customer and he ended up getting it after we found out what it was.

The Cold Mint Chocolate, $5.50

Side view of the cute sized beverage. Nicely chilled and perfect for this weather.

He added on something for dessert too! Belgian Liege Waffles are make in small batches by hand daily at OZ. Each portion of waffles comes with 2 pieces at $5 and you can have it with a variety of sauces/toppings. PB ordered his with the homemade salted  caramel at an addition of $2.

Close up of the waffles. So pretty right?! It smells sooo good! We love the salted caramel that was drizzled over it too!

PB love it very much but I felt that the waffle did not rise fully as the core was a little dense. Perhaps they heard that we were rushing for time and rushed the order for us. hahaha..

Overall a nice place to chill with nice friendly staff and reasonable prices for food. We both love their roadster blend so do pop in and give it a try! BTW, it is CASH payment only. DO note! 🙂

OZ Specialty Coffee
Thomson V Two
11 Sin Ming Road, #01-13
Singapore 595629
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 12pm – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 11pm
Last order at 10pm daily
Closed on Mondays
Website: http://www.cafeoz.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ozspecialtycoffee

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