Oven Marvel 皇冠烘培 @ Sunshine Plaza

Taking away some of the long heard yummy chicken pies and curry puffs from Sunshine Plaza! Luck must have been on my side as there were just a few of them left as when I decided to pop in after my course on my way home! The round ones are chicken pies and the semi-circle ones are curry puffs.

The fragrance of the pies were wafting out from the box while I endured the express bus journey home.  I guessed I probably made everyone much more hungry.. hahaha

My 2 halves of the different pies for dinner!

Cross section of the Chicken Pie, $3.80. 

The filling of the chicken pie was savoury and a little peppery. A few bites were all it took and my chicken pie was gone! Unlike other pies that I have eaten, I tasted more of the filling than the pastry as this pastry was very thin and fragrant and because the filling was quite generous, the pastry seemed to melt away, leaving only the sweetness of the ingredients (potaotes, chicken, onions, mixed vegetables,etc) coupled with a bit of pepper.

Cross section of the Curry Puff, $2.80

Close up view of the ingredients in the curry puff.

You can see how many layers the puff has. Mum preferred the taste of the curry puff as it has a stronger spice taste.

I like both but prefer the chicken pie as it tasted like what your granny will make, a taste that makes you think of the good olden days…

Oven Marvel Shop.

The shop opens only when the pies are freshly out of the oven at around 11.30am. Why 11.30 am? It is because the uncle starts making the pies in the morning and that is about the time required to make and bake them hence you can be guaranteed of freshly made food. If you cannot wait to taste them, you can seat outside the shop to enjoy them though the seats are really very limited. Most people, like me, would take them away to enjoy wherever we are. 🙂 Worth a try if you happen to be in the Bugis/Bencoolen/Selegie area.

Oven Marvel 皇冠烘培
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza, #01-51
Singapore 189652
Opening hours: 11.30am to 6.00pm daily
Closed every 8th, 18th, 28th & one other day of the month

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