Original Yong Tau Foo @ Boon Lay Way

My yummy 6 pieces of Yong Tau Foo (YTF) with Chee Cheong Fun Lunch today that costs only $3!

Original Yong Tau Foo Stall is located right beside the Chicken Briyani I had previously in the same unique location – under the MRT track! The variety of YTF here, though not many stall made items, were enough to satisfy me and I was lucky enough to reach before the peak lunch crowd descended. 🙂

Peering at the tiny price list for the minimum pieces that I had to pick and the sudden realisation that I can have chee cheong fun (aka rice noodles) with my YTF! Yeah! It has been ages since I had this combination as the Amara YTF near my office has closed down and not many other YTF place offer the chee cheong fun option. Each piece of YTF costs $0.40 and you can have it with mee/rice/bee hoon/chee cheong fun.

Close up of the Yong Tau Foo that you can choose from.

My 6 pieces of YTF that has become almost close to 20 pieces!

Love it that they bother to cut each piece into bite size portion so that it is easier to eat! Thumbs up!

Close up of the Chee Cheong Fun that I dressed 😉

Looks good right? It was served plain then I decided to go the original aka the sinful way by adding sesame seeds, crispy shallots and some of its oil, the sweet sauce and chilli sauce. LOL. Should have added the chilli sauce first so that the shallots can be seen…:P

Close up of my carbs for lunch.

It goes so well with the fresh crispy shallot!!! I used the remaining sauces as dips for my “oh-so-healthy” YTF. 😛 Despite polishing off almost all the soup, I did not feel thirsty after that which is another plus point. Definitely happy with the price and quality of the food.

Original Yong Tau Foo
18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609966
Opening hours: Breakfast and Lunch
Nearest MRT: Clementi/Jurong East and a bus transfer needed

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