On The Table @ Pasir Panjang Road

A rare Sunday brunch with PB to a cafe that he wanted to go. He was pretty secretive about it and when I found out who opened this cafe, I understood why as we had been unsuccessful with trying out the brunch at its Kovan outlet! Still wondering who are the folks behind this cafe? It is none other than the folks from Lola’s Cafe in Kovan!

It took us a while to locate the Cafe as it was “hidden” behind a bus stop and from the direction that we were approaching, we probably had to make a loop to come back to the stretch of public carpark at Pepys Road.

Can you spot the cafe?

For people staying in the West, you are lucky as there buses 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188, 188E that stops right outside the cafe at Bus Stop No 15199 (opp Currency House).

The signage for the cafe was not visible from far as it was written on their glass doors. We were relived when we saw the “We are OPEN!” scribbling directing us to the entrance of the cafe.

A good cuppa, a hearty meal and some booze…. Great way to spend a lazy Sunday! 😀

The menu plastered at the door. Basically, you find your own table in the cafe (or a service staff may direct you to one if the cafe is busy) , get the menu from the service staff or at the bar and then place your order at the bar.

The menu that we were given.

Savouries are served on weekdays from 11am – 9pm and 10am to 9pm on weekends which means that I can get my Breakfast  all day! Yeah!

The bar where you place your order and where the drinks and some desserts are prepared.

I was tempted by the cakes, especially the Banana Nutella Muffin,$4, at the bar but decided to hold my reins till I see how big their breakfast was.

View of one side of the interior with the opening showing where the kitchen was.

The cafe was pretty spacious and I like the space that was given as compared to many other cafes where the distance between tables/counters are so tight that you have to be really careful in order not to brush into anyone.  I think the aisle here has sufficient space for you to wheel a pram into. 😉

A huge peg holding your order number will be given to you after you have placed your orders.

Salt and pepper shakers to be self-service at the bar.

PB’s Bangers and Mash, $9, consisting of snail sausage, Bratwurst sausage and creamy mash was served very quickly.

Close up of the sausages. The mash potato was really very creamy and melt in the mouth.

Cross section of the snail sausage. Nice.

Next came PB’s order of Crispy Honey Wings, $9.

Interesting combination of spice and honey that was drizzled on top of the crispy wing. If only they had not run out of stock of the Watermelon Weizen that I wanted to order. This would have been great with the beer!

Since the beer was out of stock, I decided to started the meal with a pretty cup of Cappucino, $5.

Close up of the latte art. I like the colour contrast of the red cup, the coffee and the milk.

My order of the The Big One, $16.  A hearty meal of pork sausage, honey glazed bacon, ham baked portobello, mixed salad and  sunny side eggs. It may look little by the plating but there was a lot going on in that plate.

The honey glazed bacon that was not overly sweet nor salty and the ham below

Taking the 2 apart 😛

Close up of the sausage

Cross section of the sausage. Yummy.

The toasted brioche. Thick and crisp.

Nicely dressed mixed salad,

and beneath the salad was the baked portobello mushrooms. It could have been left as a whole mushroom instead of being cut up into pieces.

Close up of the eggs that looked like  “eyes shade”. Hahaha..

A pity there was only one way of cooking the eggs. Hopefully in the future, there will be options like scrambled, poached or even an omelette. But I have no complains with this as the based was done crispy and the top still soft.

I unknowing cut out a heart shape to show the yolk, testing if it would ooze out like my usual poached ones.

PB’s Ice Latte, $5.50 came much later.

Of course he did not stop at one. He added on a Matcha Latte, $5

Side view of the Matcha Latte. Looks thick but I did not try.

I ordered a Latte, $5  while we chill in the cafe. The coffee used here could have been a little stronger than those that we have had as I felt it was a little bitter but the latte was smooth nonetheless.

Overall, a nice place to chill with some cosy corners you can plonk yourself in. The food prices are nett, that is, there are no service and GST charge. The only downside is payment is cash only so do prepare some cash in your wallet. The staff are friendly and there are so many items on the menu that I want to try! Will definitely be back!

On The Table
118 Pasir Panjang Road,
Singapore 118541
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 10pm
Closed on Mondays
Email: onthetablesg@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/onthetablesg

  1. I visited OTT recently and love how it’s not as crowded as other cafes!

    • slowchomp

      Hi Hui Zi,
      Me too! This is really one cafe that I can chill at! Not too sure how long it will last before the crowds pick up. :$


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