(Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant 来发海鲜菜馆 @ Rangoon Road

Seafood Feast for dinner tonight!

Trying out a new place that PB’s col brought him.

Located on Rangoon Road (near to Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh), this place is not really that accessible without a car.

Interior of the restaurant – very simple layout where you get a clear view of everything that is going on.

Some newspaper articles on the walls. Looks like they have been there a while ago but since the chef has not changed, the standard of food will still be the same!

Simple Menu – The side with the pictures to tempt you and for those who does not like to read 😛

The words side of the menu

PB’s Louhan Longan, $1.50

My Fresh Coconut, $4, nicely chilled and the flesh of the coconut was very tender and could be easily scrapped out.

Our order of one person’s portion of Mee Swa 面线, $6.

Close up of the mee swa.

Lots of ingredients! (Sorry for the blur pic! Too hungry!) LOL

My portion of the noodles. Yum yum

Must have greens – Sweet Potato Leaves 番薯叶 (medium), $12

Close up of the young leaves done plain as suggested by the boss as we have a fiery dish in our order!

Famous Balachan Sole Fish扁鱼, $26 – This is what we came here for!

You have an option of pomfret or sole fish and PB opted for sole. The fish is deep-fried till crispy and it is then topped with a generous layer of sambal balachan chilli! Wah!!!

Close up of the Sambal Balachan!

A very fiery dish but damn shiok!

The few bites of the fish me and my sister got before PB polishes everything off with his rice!

No complains that I did not get to eat a lot of fish as I am craving for Chilli Crabs辣椒螃蟹 , $60, with Deep Fried Man Tou炸馒头 (6 for $4.80)

Our order of 6 Deep Fried Buns

The buns are so nicely fried that they are crispy on the outside even when they are cold. The inside is so soft and fluffy and so nice to soak up the chilli crab sauce.

We had 2 crabs as the boss told us that the crabs were about 400-500 grams only.

We thought it was a little small but after tucking in, we felt that this is a good crab size as their meat are soo sweet and fine and their shells are not overly hard for you to wrestle with!

Easily de-shelled Crab Claw

Fully de-shelled Crab Claw (pardon my chilli crab sauce fingers! :P)

The crabs here are so so so so fresh, sweet and meaty that you can even see the mould of the claws after extracting the meat!

This is a simple, family run restaurant, with a lot of food on the menu that we want to try. It is also not overly crowded as the people come and go and the food are served very quickly. Prices are nett and if you are coming in big groups, it is recommended to make a reservation if you want to sit in the air-conditioned area. 🙂

(Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant 来发海鲜菜馆
223 Rangoon Road,
Singapore 218460
Tel: 62927375
HP: 91062839
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12-2.30pm
Dinner: 5pm – 11.30pm
WebSite: www.oldlaihuatseafood.com
Email: old.lai.huat@gmail.com


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