New Year , More Fun Food Ideas/Places?

As I was walking home from work today, I contemplated if I should continue with my lunch blog posts. To be very frank, it is easy to eat and take pictures of food but not so easy to maintain the food blog. It takes a lot of effort to really sit down, sort the photos, and organise your train of thoughts. I have also wanted to revamp the layout of the food blog but just have not gotten down to doing it. Perhaps with the start of a new year, I should really get my butt working on it. :p

As I walked, an idea came into my mind. Instead of the usual post of the random food that I eat, I can, perhaps, themed the food that I will eat each week. Eg: trying out all the dishes that one particular stall sells, trying out the same type of food sold in the food center, eating food prepared with a certain ingredient, etc… Sounds like a fun thing to do but this may need a little effort on my end and to get my lunch kakis going to where I want to go. I do wonder if I will get sick and tired of the food, get too “heaty” from all the tonic, or grow extremely fat after being on a high fat or high cholesterol diet for the whole week. LOL..  Cannot help chuckling at such a thought but I think I am still gonna give it a try in order to inject some food fun into my daily routine.. Hee hee… work life is boring enough hence this should give the mind something interesting to work on 🙂

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