New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant @Amoy Street

A simple and healthy dinner on a Friday Night with porridge!

We were looking for a place that opens till late and was circling around Maxwell/Amoy area when we decided on eating porridge – something that is healthy and not too heavy at 9pm. 😛

View of the Restaurant from where we were parked.

The restaurant was not very crowded and since it opens till 11pm, we could enjoy the meal at our own pace without rushing for the closing time.

An old school looking menu that has beautiful illustration of the yummy dishes.

I like the tabs that brings you to the different categories quickly.

To start our meal, we were served the house appetizer, $1.50. It may not look very appealing but this goes really well with the porridge. There were lots of ingredients in this braised appetizier – beancurd, peanuts, ikan bilis, etc. Shiok!

Porridge (free flow) $1.50 per pax. Every bowl of porridge comes with a cube of sweet potato that is so sweet and soft I wished there were more in it! The porridge is so smooth and piping hot that I actually had more than one serving!

French Beans with Minced Mushroom and Pork 干扁四季豆, $8. This dish is my dining companions’s favourite but he is probably disappointed here as the french beans is not the fried and flat kind that the chinese name implies. However, it is still a savoury dish that goes very well with our porridge.

A traditional favourite to go with potato porridge and of course, we ordered it!

Chye Poh Omelette 菜莆蛋, $6. It turns out exactly like what you see in the picture – round like a pizza and  so enticing! This is a a dish loved by both the young and old and US!

Close up of  fluffy egg with the chye poh that is fried to a nice golden colour. Delicious!

We had a cod as we were drooling over this description!

Top view of our  Fried Cod Fish with Superior Sauce 煎鳕鱼, $27. The sauce is specially concocted by their chef and it was indeed fried to perfection –  crispy on the outside and juicy inside!

Close up of our Cod with the yummy sauce.

I could not resist adding on this dish as it is a must have item of the house. A truly rustic food with over 50 years of secret.

Traditional Prawn Roll 炸虾枣, $8. 5-decade old favourite in it original form and flavour. The beancurd skin was crispy even after we have left it for a while. The fillings, despite being deep-fried, was juicy and you get sweet crunches from the chestnuts in it. Dip it with the sweet sauce by the side and I guarantee you will be reaching non-stop for more. Love this dish!

Despite being full after having 2.5 bowls of porridge each and the 4 dishes, my dining companion decided to have dessert. Herbal Jelly 龟苓膏, $3

Herbal Jelly Drenched with Honey. I may have been a little over zealous in pouring the honey as I had expected the jelly to be bitter but it was not really the case here. :O

View of the interior of the Restaurant at closing. Overall, it was a nice dining experience! The food is delicious and the staff are very friendly. We will be back to try the other dishes! 🙂

Just a note: Water is chargable here – $0.50 each.

New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant 新台湾餐馆
110 Amoy Street
Singapore 069930
Tel: 63248310 / 63243268

Opening hours (Daily):
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

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