Nasi Lemak Burger (2017) @McDonald’s Singapore

With the Nation’s Bday fast approaching, a lot of restaurants are launching food with local flavour and McDonalds has done it right this time by launching the “Nasi Lemak” Burger which has hit the right notes and has been receiving pretty good reviews from people who have tried them!

“Just for you, SINGAPORE. Inspired by a local favourite, it’s flavourful and yummy! Delight in a juicy yet crispy, coconut flavoured chicken thigh patty coated with cornflake crunch and paired with a sweet yet spicy sambal sauce, then topped with a fried egg, caramelised onions and crunchy cucumber slices. All between lightly toasted roti. Sedap!”

Opening up the box to reveal a burger that seems a tad smaller than what I was expecting after all the advertisement but it is actually very filling!

My sister’s cut opened Nasi Lemak Burger ($5.95 a la carte or from $7.80 in an Extra Value Meal) looking very good!

My cut opened burger. Why the sambal sauce so little? 🙁

Digging through the layers to find more sambal sauce but this one seriously failed the QC.. LOL

Another view of the burger.

Despite having a lot less sambal chilli sauce, the taste of the burger was really like nasi lemak, fragrant and full of flavour with a little kick from the spicy sweet sambal sauce! What was missing to me was some ikan bilis and peanuts. To me, nasi lemak is not complete without ikan bilis and peanuts… so…

Ta-da! The perk of takeways! Adding my own ikan bilis and peanuts to complete the “Nasi lemak” Burger! 😉

This burger is available for a limited period only so do grab yours soon! Perhaps McDonald’s Singapore can consider having this permanently on their menu so that tourists who come to Singapore can find something Uniquely Singapore in the fast food restaurant! 🙂 Also, they can consider replacing the roti with fragrant coconut rice patties and that would be perfect burger for Singaporeans!​


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