Nantsuttei Singapore @ Orchard Central

Exploring Orchard Central for dinner place with my bestie and we naturally ended up with what both of us love – RAMEN!

Menu at the entrance.

Lucky for us, there wasn’t a long queue and we were able to get a seat pretty quickly in a restaurant running at full capacity at 8.30pm!

The cute board below the cashier showing the butt of a pig 😛

Took a long time before deciding to eat this as it has both the negi and chashu that I wanted! 😛

There is even an explanation of what Negi is in the menu! Pack full of healthy goodness (rich in beta-carotene & Vit C, rich in dietary fibre, etc), I gotta eat it!

Nantsuttei even has a Ramen Eating Lecture to teach you the ramen culture and how to enjoy it! You can also read it here

The chefs busy preparing our ramen. Glad to see Japanese Chef holding the helm.

My Maru-toku Negi Chashu-men, $17  with an added egg, $1.50

The specialty here is black ramen. Why black? Because the tonkotsu (pork bone) soup is topped with fragrant black ma-yu (roast garlic oil) making it look black. The ma-yu is created by frying garlic over 7 phases and mixing it into a balanced blend for an exquisite harmony of flavour.

If you feel that it is not garlic-ky enough, you can request for raw onions to be crushed and added into your ramen FOC.

Look at the generous amount of green onions!

Love the green onions at Japanese Ramen places as they are sweet and not spicy at all like,  unlike those we get in Singapore.

Pushing away the green onions to reveal my Cha Shu! Gotta dunk it into the soup for it to absorb the flavours!

I like the thin ramen used here. Goes sooooooooo well with the soup and so smooth and nice to slurp!

The Ajitsuke tama test – a little overdone 🙁

We added on a Fuufu Enman Gyoza (Happy Couple Gyoza) (5 pieces) , $6, that is made using Nantsuttei’s original recipe.

The chilli powder, chilli oil, white vinegar and soya sauce on the table.

Side view of the Gyoza.

Perhaps there was not enough oil to prevent the oil from sticking together. 😛 Taste wise, not too bad. Worth a try.

I enjoyed my ramen so much that I slurpped till the last drop and was so tickled to see a cute icon at the bottom of the bowl. Persuaded my bestie to do the same as I wanted to know if there are different motifs but she was just too full to do it.. hahaha.. definitely one good way to motivate patrons not to waste a drop of the yummy soup! 🙂

One of the best Ramen Stall in my opinon for the soup, ramen and ingredients!

181 Orchard Road,
Orchard Central,
Singapore 238896
Tel : 6337 7166
Opening hours: Moday – Sunday: 11am to 10.30pm (last order at 10pm)

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