Nam San Seoul Korean BBQ Restoran @Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Malaysia-JB

Across the causeway to chill and check out a good Korean BBQ Restaurant we did!

Nam San Seoul Korean BBQ is located diagonally across the Renaissance Hotel,JB, and just a short distance away from the Aeon Permas Jaya. It is less than 15min drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint and about 10min walk from the hotel. It was an impromptu decision to eat Korean food as the men were starving!

View of the Restaurant from the road.

View of the entrance of the restaurant plastered with all the food pics!

There are lunch special on Monday – Friday (except public holidays) from 12pm to 3pm costing from RM12+. Such a steal considering that you get to enjoy the side dishes too!


We arrive just past 3pm and attack the menu for BBQ meats. 😉

Menu – Set for 2-3 people and 3-4 pax at RM95+ and RM125+ respectively including 2 meats, a seafood pancake, miso soup, etc.

Menu – Meat – Beef/Smoked Duck

Menu – Pork BBQ and Army Stews

Menu – Specials and Soups

Menu – Drinks

Part of the interior of the restaurant.

You can choose to sit korean way or at normal tables and chairs. What is missing here are the hoods that suck away the BBQ smell so be prepared to smell like one at full house!

Cold and Hot Citron Tea, RM6+ each

Close up of my Hot Citron Tea.

Charcoal for our BBQ

Our trolley of FOOD!

The banchans are enough to fill the table! 😛

Close up of the Colourful Banchan 반찬. 

There are only 2 spicy items in the banchan which is great new for people who do not like spicy stuff.

Must have vegetable to go with the BBQ meat which the guys had none of!

Garlic to wrap in the meat

Bean paste and oil to dip your meat in.

Side dish #1: Bean Sprouts. 

This is not the typical big headed bean sprouts but we have no complains.

Side dish #2: Some Vegetable 

Side dish #3: Quail Eggs.

I love this! First time I see this as a banchan! Yumz. 

Side dish #4: Korean Fish Cake. 

Yummy too!

Side dish #5: Seaweed. 

You would know that this is not my cup of tea! 😛 There were so many other side dishes available so I happily skipped this 😀

Side dish #6: Fruits salad.

Side dish #7: Kim Chi.  

Side dish #8– Some shredded vegetables which seems like burdock.   

Side dish #9: Sweet Ikan Bilis. 

Side dish #10: Shredded potatoes.

Rosti like minus the oil and crisp. 

Side dish #11: Silken Toufu with egg

Side dish #12: Spicy Eggplant 

Here comes our beef order!

Thinly Sliced Beef Brisket, Chadolbagi, RM55+

You do not need to lift a finger to BBQ the meats for the friendly service staff will help you with it.

Grill pan full of the beef brisket! So pretty looking right?

Close up of the almost cooked thinly sliced beef brisket.

Almost done.

Close up of the BBQ-ed brisket ready to be eaten! 🙂

My first time eating it and it is so good! I only had 2 slices before it was all polished off! Due to the fat content being higher, it just melts in your mouth!

Fresh Beef Ribs with Bone, Sengkalbi, RM65+

Another view of the beef ribs. I found the portion a tad small.

PB decide to take over the BBQ-ing and it was, erm, far from pretty from then on hence no other pic of the beef BBQ-ing as we were pretty worried how it would turn out! LOL. I am always the one who do the BBQ-ing and rarely let him do it but since he is near the stove and want to do it “ourselves”, he had the honour 😛

Japchae, RM20+

Another view of the Japchae which was served quite quickly.

Close up of the Japchae.

This is basically sweet potato noodles stir fry with some vegetables.

Decided that we can do with more meat and ordered the 2 more items which we usually order at other Korean Restaurants.

Pork Belly, Samgyupsal, RM27+

Close up of the pork belly.

The “thinness” of the pork belly is actually thicker than most we have had at other Korean Restaurants.

The pork belly half done by PB and taken over by the service staff. LOL

Waiting for it to crisp up.

The nicely BBQ-ed pork belly.

If you like it more crispy, just let the service staff know. They are more than willingly to make it crispier for you!

Our refill of the side dishes that we like.

The service staff has really good memorable and correctly brought those that I pointed out despite nothing left in the plate!

More of the side dishes that we like.

Marinated Beef (Boneless), Jumulluk, RM60+

BBQ-ing in progress.

The cooked side.

Nicely cut up for us to enjoy. Nice!

We were given a cute cup of complimentary cold ginger tea made by the lady boss at the end of the meal. Love how the tea actually have different layers of flavour and that of the ginger only appears at the end. If you like it, you can purchase a takeaway bottle too. I will do so the next round if I am heading back to SG after the meal!

Very satisfied meal with everything all gone!

Our total bill of RM259.70 (~SGD88.63) after adding 6% GST. Quite a steal considering that we had ordered 4 meats!

Nam San Seoul do not close between meal times so  you can visit them anytime you cross the causeway between 11am to 10pm!

Nam San Seoul Korean BBQ Restoran
No 4&6, Jalan Permas 10/5,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,
81750 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +6073808402
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm

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