Nakhon @ Hougang Street 21

What a crowd! You know there are good food in Singapore whenever you see a crowd!

This was the queue that greeted me when I arrived 6.15pm! *Faint* Thankfully, my cousin and sister were already in the queue in front and having patronise this place before, they have already placed the orders! Yeah!

I decided to take a look at the menu and found that the variety was good and the prices for the food was really reasonable. There is only one size for the portion so if you want more, just multiply the order.

Another page of the menu. Meat(chicken/beef/pork) costs only $6-8 for a portion.

Thai Ice Tea, $3 per cup. I just added on to the order since I have not had Thai Ice Tea for a long time. I do not know what made them special. Perhaps it is the milk?

The well mixed look of the Thai Ice Tea. I think this is a must order when you are here . Smooth, thick and so quenching for a hot day!

Thai Fragrant Steamed Rice, $1/plate. Fragrant mount of rice and they have placed it at the edge so that you can scoop the dishes and place them around it. How thoughtful.

Our Pandan Leaves Chicken (4 pieces), $6.

Unveiling the chicken inside the pandan leaves. You get a nice pyramid looking chunk of chicken that is tender and juicy.

As we have children at the table, we ordered a Honey Chicken, $6 for them. I felt that this dish was okay only.

Thai Mango Salad, $5.  Healthy dish with a kick from the chilli padi in it. It was just a little spicy and I love the crunch that the cashew nuts provided.

This is my most memorable dish as I was talking and got choke by it! So you have been warned! Haha.. Tom Yam Soup(thick Base) with Seafood, $6

I love the soup. They have the clear and thick version and we have ordered the thick version.  It was served pipping hot and the flavours were very well balanced! Little bit tangy, little bit sweet and little bit spicy. Just be careful not to bite on the chilli bits in the soup for that will send you shooting through the roof! LOL.. They offer the non-spicy version one too if I am not wrong so you can give it a try if spicy soup is just not your cup of tea.

This is another dish that I like.Very pretty looking Pineapple Fried Rice, $6 with lots of ingredients in it. The rice smell very fragrant too. I wonder how they did that. Definitely a dish that I will order again when I go back for cos I did not have enough this round!

Thai Style Fried Tang Hoon, $6. This glass noodles is yummy too! Loads of ingredients in it. Need I say more? 😛

The only vegetable we ordered. Stir-fried asparagus with prawns, $6.

Green Curry with Chicken, $8

Close up of the green curry. There were a lot of chicken, brinjal (the small round kind), peas, long beans in it. The curry was more sweet than spicy with a nice fragrant from the basil so people who are scare of spicy curry can give this a try.

Homemade Thai Prawn Cake  (4 pieces), $12. This is the most “expensive” dish on the table but considering the amount of prawns that goes into each prawn cake, the price is all worth while.

Look how thick the prawn cake is and it is juicy and meaty.

The Thai Ice Tea was so good that all of us had seconds and did I mention that it takes off some of the heat from the dishes too? Your antidote to a fiery meal..haha

A meal is not complete without DESSERTS! Our Mango Sticky rice served with Coconut Milk, $5. The mango and sticky rice was literally  drowned in the coconut milk.

My tasting portion of the dessert as I am just too full! The mango was sweet and juicy but I did not like the sticky rice as I found it too sticky (so ironic right? :P). I was also overwhelm by the salty sweet coconut milk to be able to taste the dessert properly.

Another dessert – Red Ruby, $3. I prefer this dessert and the presentation looks so pretty. Looks like a heart-shaped ruby inviting you to eat it!

There were loads of red ruby in it and it think it is a good dessert to end a heavy meal.

The owners are so thoughtful as to provide a basket of tissue for you to wipe off your sweat! LOL

Overall a very authenticate place for cheap and good thai food. I tried to peak into the kitchen and saw that most of them are thai. So you can be assured that the flavours will be truly authentic as well 🙂

212 Hougang Street 21,
Singapore 530212
Tel: +65 62868785
Opening Hours: Lunch: 12pm – 3pm, Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Mrt: Kovan Mrt

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