Nadai Fuji Soba Ni-Hachi 名代富士そば @ 100AM, Tras Street

Very very satisfied with my delicious Cold Ni-Hachi Tempura Soba, $20++ from Nadai Fuji Soba Ni-Hachi 名代富士そば at itadakimasu by Parco at 100AM! Feels as if I am back in Japan!

Nadai Fuji Soba Ni-Hachi 名代富士そば is one of the 7 Japanese Restaurants in this cluster on level 3 of 100AM. If you are still wondering where this cluster is, it is non other than beside the famous Keisuke Tori King Ramen who has its foothold in this part of Singapore and is one of the 7 restaurants  in this cluster.

Menu and table setting

The weekly promotion consisting of hot/cold soba and a salmon don at only $18++! It comes with Japanese pickles, crispy sakura ebi and fresh cut fruits. Quite a steal but I had my eye on the tempura soba! ;p

History of Ni-Hachi.

Worth a read and good to know its authenticity! How did I miss it during my last Japan trip when it has been in Japan for 50 years and has 116 shops? 😛

Menu – Warm Soba

So simple and heart-warming! Variety ranges from the very simple hot Tanuki Soba to Hot Mentai Cream with prices from  $11++  to $18++.

Menu – Warm Soba

Fancy some Japanese curry over your soba? They have it too!

Menu – Dry Soba

If you must have egg with your noodle, you can consider dry soba.

Menu – Dipping Soba and tempura

Menu – Cold Soba

Exactly what I came here for though I am more of a hot soba person! Maybe I have been converted by PB and my last Japan Trip 😉

Menu – Don

For peeps who must have rice, this is it.

Menu – Recommended Items are the Special truffles Dashi Maki Tamago with club Japanese Sauce ($15++) and Sauteed Sobagaki and Foie Gras with Kaeshi Sauce($17++)

Will try it the next round!

Menu – Ala Carte items

Basically side dishes that you can order to share.

Menu – Kamo Nabe Hotpot (dinner only)

Ooooh.. .looks good too but it is available only for dinner.

Menu – Beverages

Our hot green tea ($2++/pax)

View of the interior with some Japanese guest having their early lunch.

Another view of the interior with cubicles for bigger groups.

Serviette, wet towel and chopsticks on the table.

My col’s Hot Ebiten Buta Curry Nanban Soba, $24++. 

It consists of sliced pork, spring onion, curry, dashi, shrimp tempura, snap peas, butter, soy sauce

Close up of the 3 shrimp tempura that came with the set.

Close up of sliced pork, curry and spring onions.

Did not sight the snap peas though.

Steaming hot bowl of curry soba!

Stirring the piece of butter that came with the set into the noodles.

You really got to do this as it really increases the fragrance of the curry! Yumz!!!

The Cold Ni-Hachi Tempura Soba, $20++, that caught my eye!

Looks simple but this is one very filling meal with 8 pieces of tempura accompanying my soba!

Close up of the dipping sauce, spring onions and wasabi for my cold soba.

How I like it – All the greens in! 😉

The bowl containing the soba was really huge! The chopstick is used as a comparison but my photography skill may not be good enough to emphasis its size!

Close up of my buckwheat noodles!

The noodles were not too dry nor wet and I could pick them up properly to dip in the dipping sauce. The texture was just right and every bite was so delightful that I almost forgot I am in Singapore and started slurping them as I did in Japan! *embarassed*

The 8 pieces of tempura with my set.

The plate was a tad oily and for a moment, I was worried that the tempura will be overly oily too but my fears were unfounded.

There were 2 x shrimps tempura, 1 x chicken tempura, 1x kanikama (crab stick tempura) and
4 x vegetable tempura (I had orca, sweet corn, pumpkin and mushroom)

Succulent and meaty prawns

Very sweet sweet corn!

Crab stick tempura (pardon the fangs!) ;P

Pumpkin Tempura

This is sooooooo sweet and yummy!

This is one chunk that I got a bit worried.

Fears unfounded again as the chicken was tender and juicy!

Mushroom tempura

The cute little teapot of sobayu.

So pipping hot! Love it!

See how tiny the teapot for one person is? 🙂

For those of you who do not know, sobayu is the water that the soba noodles were cooked in and they were considered to be very nutritious. How it is drank – Pour it into the remainder of your dipping sauce and finish it to wrap up your meal. 😉

To learn more about soba and how to eat them, click here

My sobayu with my dipping sauce.

Love the sweetness of the soya sauce here which makes my sobayu so drinkable! 🙂

Close up of our green tea cup with visible green tea powder after the water has evaporated.

Given the quality, $2 is not too much a price to pay for 😛

Overall, a very pleasant dinning experience with healthy and quality food! Would definitely come back everyday if my wallet permits! 😛 Sighted quite a few groups of Japanese executives having their lunch here which further validates the authenticity and quality of the soba 😉

Create the future of Soba Noodles – Nadai Fuji Soba Ni-Hachi

Nadai Fuji Soba Ni-Hachi 名代富士そば 
100 Tras Street,
#03-14, 100AM
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11am – 3pm, Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm
itadakimasu Website:
itadakimasu facebook:
Fuji Soba Website :
Fuji Soba Facebook:

For all photos in this post, click here

  1. Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi, Japans number one soba restaurant, lauded as a soba specialist makes its noodles in store every day to ensure absolute freshness.

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