Mr Bean Pineapple Tarts

It is the time of the year again when pineapple tarts start popping up all over the island. Chinese New Year is barely one month away and every shop is stock full of Lunar New Year goodies.
This is the pineapple tarts my col bought from Mr Bean. This year, the appearance of the pineapple tart has changed. Instead of the pineapple being visible, that is, being on top, it is wrapped in the pastry. Also, it comes in a tall, clear plastic container with lock, quite unlike the flat cheapo container last year.
This is a close up of the inside of the pineapple tart. The size of the tart is just nice such that you can just pop one after another into your mouth. However, I still prefer the tart last year as there was more pineapple and it was more tasty, and the pastry was more crispy and fragant than this year.
I do not know why but pineapple tarts are highly addictive to a lot of people, me included. 😛 But having read somewhere that eating 4 pineapple tarts is equivalent to eating one bowl of rice, my brain is working very hard to keep my fingers from reaching out for more than 2 per day!

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