Moo Bar & Grill @McCallum Street

Great marketing strategy by the team at Moo Bar & Grill.  The “FREE 1 for 1 Main Courses. All day, All night, Everyday!”  made people pause to look at the menu!

There are so many things to eat in the Telok Ayer Area and with the new Telok Ayer Station along the downtown line opened, it makes exploring this area much more convenient!  We had originally wanted to go to La Pizzaiola but the parking lots near the restaurant (which is opposite the Hokkien Huay Kuan) were all taken and hence we continue to drive down till we saw Moo Bar & Grill.

I had passed by this restaurant during one of the weekday lunch and it was crowded. Me too, was also attracted by the 1 for 1  advertisement and told myself to check it out one day but was so busy that I did not patronise it till today. 😛  The bonus today, was the easy availability of carpark lots right outside the restaurant. As this is in the CBD area and we are talking about an early Saturday evening (though it is just opposite the Amoy Street Food Center), the crowd is definitely not as mad as on a weekday.

View of the interior from where we were seated

The restaurant was empty when we went in but since we did not make a reservation, we could not opt for the cushion seats (not pictured).

Another view of the interior facing the Bar and kitchen where the food were dished out.

The 2 page menu.

For the detailed menu, click here. They have some brunch items like Eggs Benedict, Big Breakfast, Eggs Florentine, etc on the menu too! Can try it next time! 😛 Other than the 1 for 1 deal, all mains come with either a free soup of the day or salad too.

Happy hours is from 11am – 8pm, Monday – Saturday, where you can get 2 cocktails/Housepour Wines/Spirits for $25 , 2 Erdinger/Guiness Pint for $24 or 2 tiger glass for $15.  Since I had work commitment, alcohol is out. 🙁

We asked for some recommendations from the waitress and she told us that people go to the restaurant for their steaks like Grain Fed New Zealand Tenderloin, $49, or AUS angus Ribeye, $47. As I had my mine on desserts, having a heavy meaty meal was not what I was looking for. We asked again if there were any other recommendations or what other items (other than the steaks) that the customers order and the response we got was still the steaks. If  I am someone who cannot eat beef, I will probably be very pissed. LOL..

Our free Salad and Soup of the Day


Soup of the day – Cream of Potato Soup.

The Salad with thousand island dressing.

The mains that we ended up ordering from the Pasta and Light Meal section.

Top view of the Moo “Katong Style” Linguine, $30.

Close up of the Pasta.

PB had his eye on this pasta which has an Asian flavor and cooked with crab meat, wild prawns and quail egg. There were lots of shredded crab meat in it and the pasta has a hint of spiciness. Something different from the usual pasta and you can try it if you want some local flavour in your pasta. 😛

And since the steak was so highly recommended by the waitress, we ended up with a beef item from the light item section.


Our Moo Signature Double Waygu Beef Burger, $35. It consisits of 250g patties, sauteed mushrooms, swiss chesse, onion rings and steak frites.

Close up of the onion rings and steak fries.

Close up of the Waygu Beef Patty.

I always feel that it is a waste to mince waygu beef to make burger patties. Cutting through the patties, you can see the juice/oil oozing out.. Ooooo…. Our burger bun was surprisingly crispy without looking burnt nor badly toasted. I wonder how they did that!

As the burger was too big, we dissected it by layers.LOL.. this is the layer with the swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms on top of the waygu beef patty.Nice.


Our Desserts

As there were only 2 types of desserts on the menu and since it is 1 for 1 too ,we got both to try though I had my eye on the Chocolate Brownie!

 Homemade Brownie and Vanilla Ice-cream, $15. A generous slice of brownie but we felt that it was a little dry.

Hence we ended up throwing the ice-cream on top so that it can soak up the vanilla ice-cream 😉

Caramelized Banana and Waffles with Hershey Ice-cream, $13. This dessert did not really appeal to me as the banana was just sliced and added to the dessert, not caramelized first before drizzling over the waffle. It makes this dessert feels very pieced up which is not worth the price if you are paying ala carte.

 Both the ice-creams tasted the same to me although the description is different. Perhaps my taste buds have been covered by the strong flavours of the pasta. Both are vanilla ice-cream as we can see the vanilla specks in it.

Overall, the desserts are just passable. Would recommend that you go for the mains and maybe enjoy a glass of wine and chill while watching the crowd goes by. For the 1 for 1 Main course, you pay the more expensive item of the 2, similarly for the dessert. Reservation is recommended unless you visiting during odd hours.

Moo Bar & Grill
21 McCallum Street,
#01-03 to 06, The Clift,
Singapore 069047
Tel: 66342662

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thurday: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday: 10am – 12 midnight
Saturday: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Closed on Sunday


Photos taken with iphone4S

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