Modern Flavours Soya Beancurd@ Zion Road Riverside Food Court

I guess the recent craze is on ‘makeover’ soya beancurd. The traditional soya beancurd formulae seems to have been fused with jelly to give it a jello-y and melt in your mouth feel. They tasted much smoother and lighter, are packed in containers nicely stacked in chillers with glass doors which makes them instantly recognisable. HAha..Unlike the traditional one that is good as a meal on its own, this new version is just perfect to complete your hawker center meal. šŸ™‚

I could not resist when I spotted one at Zion Road Riverside Food Court and my dinner companion obliged in getting one to satisfy my craving. šŸ™‚ Thank you!Ā 

My original flavour Soya beancurd, $1.50, from Modern Flavours. It is nice and smooth and had a stronger soya taste than Lao Banč€ä¼“. With 2 of us digging in, it was gone before you can finish singing twinkle twinkle little star.. Lol

I asked my dinner companion, who is an anti-soya beancurd eater, which soya beancurd tasted better and he told me both tasted the same and continued scooping from the bowl. Looks like this is one dessert that can convert non soya beancurd eaters into consuming them. Lol..

Though I find this new breed of beancurd a little expensive as they cost from $1.50 onwards, they are stillĀ irresistible treats that you will reach for after a long day at workĀ ;p

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