Ming Tang Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot 名堂九宫格火锅 @North Bridge Road, Bugis

Ending the Year of the Monkey and Starting the Rooster Year with a lavish meal!

Ain’t you wowed by the amount of seafood and its presentation?!!!! A GIGANTIC pot of steaming hot seafood hotpot freshly steamed and placed before your eyes! WOW!!!!!!


Even if there is only 2 of you, you can come and enjoy it as they have a serving size for 2-4 pax at $118++ which I think is not too difficult to finish if you are a seafoood lover! 😛

The warmer on every table that takes up almost a table space!

Close up of the warmer setup

The shutters are opened and some gel fuel is squeezed into them before being lit up.

Spicy Jumping Frog 麻辣跳跳蛙 – $20++

Though it looks fiery spicy, it really is not and it tasted so good. You can add side orders of potato noodles and dunk into the numbing and spicy sauce for a different taste. Yumz!

Close up of the frog.

Oh so fresh and sooo good!

Our Big Seafood Curry 海鲜大咖 (6-8pax) – $198++ with clear broth

The seafood are definitely basking in the limelight with everyone flashing out their mobile phones to take pictures of it! 😛

WOWOWOWOWOWOW…the colour of the crabs, prawns, garnishes,etc makes everything looks so good that you just want to tuck in immediately!

Close up of the very fresh and sweet prawns

Close up of the baby lobster 小龙虾 aka scampi

Think is it probably my first time eating this!?!

Crab 螃蟹 saying “devour me” 😛

Lala  拉拉 scattered all over the hot pot with some beancurd skin, black fungus and doufu in the soup too.

Close up of the lala

Close up of the scallops

Baby Lobster

Prawn that is so fresh and so sweet.


There were only 4 halves in the pot which is not really enough to go around for 6-8pax.

Chunk of lobster meat!

Our half devoured seafood hotpot still steaming hot!

All fully devoured by the 5 of us! 😛 Delicious till the last drop and you can get free refill of the simple yet warming soup.


Another view of the interior

One meal that I would definitely recommend everyone to try and be wow-ed by their fresh seafood and presentation! Definitely one of the upcoming must-eat food for the year. 🙂 Grab your family and friends to enjoy this luxurious steaming hotpot feast now!  Reservation recommended to avoid disappointment!

Ming Tang Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot 名堂九宫格火锅
470 North Bridge Road,
#01-02, Bugis Cube,
Singapore 188735
Opening Hours: 11am-11:30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/九宫格火锅-950781724981484/

For Full set of pictures, click here

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