Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction

I pinned the area and my girlfriend decided on the restaurant. She brought us to Miam Miam! It has been ages since I went to Bugis and it has been one year since I told myself I will check out this restaurant. How time flies and Miam Miam is one year old!

Love the spacious chair and setting of the restaurant. Lucky for us, some diners have called for the bill and we got seated in no time.

View of the kitchen from where we were seated. You cannot missed the chalk board screaming “SOUFFLES!” and that is what I will definitely order to share.

My friend ordered the Berries Soda, $7.80. Looks very pretty and thirst quenching. 🙂

I ordered the Ice Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee, $8.80.  This is double matcha goodness, perfect for matcha lovers like me! 😛 Absolutely love the richness of the latte and the smoothness of the softee.

This is the appetizer we ordered to share – Wafu Tofu Salad (starter size), $6.50.  The bowl was overflowing with vegetables and we found it a little hard to mix them properly.

The mess we created. This salad tasted very Japanese due to bonito flakes and seaweed being added. There could have been a little more dressing and we can do with a bigger bowl for easier mixing.

Next came the Miam Miam Capellini, $15.80.  Looks so colourful and appetizing right? It reminded me of a spaghetti dish I had at Hoshino Coffee which looks very similar.

There were a lot of ingredients in it – tomato, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, eggplant,etc. Looks very Chinese and yet Western due to the bacons in it and Italian, as spaghetti was used. But it is actually a Japanese, Italian and French fusion as the sauce was made using their secret broth and shoyu and french butter. The egg on top sums up everything.

We also had the Lobster Bisque Pasta, $20.80 to share. The sauce was thick and there was a big prawn on top. Both of us agreed that this dish is better shared as the lobster bisque may be a little overwhelming for one person to finish on his/her own.

And finally DESSERT ! We were quite full by now and they had kinda forgotten our order but how can we miss desserts?!

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle, $13.80 – It took 15 min for this desserts to be prepared after the staff checked with us if we were OK to wait.

It was soft and pipping hot! If I had not ordered the Ice Matcha Latte, I would have ordered the Matcha Souffle. This is not too bad an option too but a little chocolatey to end the meal as we were so full. I will be back  to try more of their desserts as they all look sooooooooo nice! Just like in the pictures! 🙂

Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street,
#02-14 Bugis Junction,
Singapore 188021
Tel: 68370301
Opening Hours:
Everyday: 11.30am -10pm
Website: www.miam.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miam.sg


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