Mee Rebus @ Delicious 美味 @ Tanjong Pagar Market

Ending the first working week of 2016 with a plate of Mee Rebus, $3, that is reminisce of childhood brekkie!

Have heard that the food at this stall is good but I have not been able to try it until today!

This stall specialise in only 3 traditional tasting items – Mee Rebus马来卤面, Mee Siam 米暹 and Lontong 隆冬, at $3 each. I think these 3 items are really authentic Singapore local food that all Singaporeans are familiar with.

There is also a photo of Chef Eric with the stall owners taking its place proudly beside the menu. 🙂

The container of squeezed calamansi at the stall.

A simple yet comforting plate of mee rebus with a hard-boiled egg, cubes beancurd, shallots, cut green chillis and bean sprouts topped with a squeeze of the fragrant calamansi. The gravy is of the right consistency and nicely coated the yellow noodles and is so good that I was tempted to slurp up whatever that is left on the plate! 😛

So gonna try the mee siam and lontong next!

Delicious 美味
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Center
Closed on Wednesday and Thursday

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