Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake 洪家福州蠔饼@ Maxwell Food Centre

Fuzhou Oyster Cake 福州蠔饼, $2 from a very old stall in Maxwell Food Centre!

Stall 5 at Maxwell Hawker Centre.

A very simple stall selling only Oyster cakes! Understand that it has been here for close to 50 years??!!! WOW! Still remember Mum buying some home to share when we were young but I did not know how to appreciate oysters then and just bit off the crispy batter. 😛 Some people also referred to it as the UFO due to its shape. Uncle was very sharp and noticed that I had taken a photo of his stall and joked with me that I should not post the picture if it is not nice. Hahaha.. Uncle, hope you like the photo of your stall! 😛

The few oyster cakes left. It is packed in a brown paper to soak up the oil from the deep frying. PB is the lucky 10+ who got to eat it as it is near to their closing time.

Tearing apart the Fuzhou Oyster Cake to reveal the ingredients inside!

The outer layer is so thin and crispy and the inside is packed full of ingredients like minced meat, chopped coriander and oysters. It was so good that PB left NOTHING for me… he gonna get his own next time!

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake 洪家福州蠔饼
1 Kadayanallur Street,
Maxwell Food Centre,
Singapore 069184
Opening Hours: Daily 9am-6pm (while stocks last)

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