Manuka Honey Steam Cakes (Mushi Pan)

Staying out of the hazy days (it has reached PSI 261!), keeping myself occupied and at the same time de-stressing, by baking! This time round, I decided to try my hand steaming cakes instead of baking them! Found this recipe from Just One Cookbook that looks awfully easy and healthy and true enough, this is really a fuse-free and healthy steam cake!

The original recipe of the Green Tea Steamed Cake that I got from Just One Cookbook. As I do not have green tea powder at home, I decided to do away with it and adapted some of the ingredients.

So for my own Steamed Cake which I have decided to call Manuka Honey Steamed Cakes (cos the house smells like Manuka Honey after the cakes are done :P), I used the below ingredients:

Ingredients for Manuka Honey Steamed Cakes:
1) One Egg
2) 1 tbsp olive oil (which I thought was a healthier version :P)
3) 1 tbsp manuka honey (cos I only have this at home! 😀 A little luxurious and wasteful to use in this manner as the properties of the manuka honey will be destroyed once temperature exceeds 40 Degree Celsius. So I recommend that you used normal honey instead)
4) 3 tbsp plain low fat yoghurt
5) 1 tbsp Sugar ( I have reduced the sugar by 0.5tbsp but the sweetness is still OK!)
6) 1/2 cup of Top Flour (cos I cannot find all purpose flour! 😛 )
7) 1 tsp baking powder

Then I followed every step to make the cake by Namiko. For the instructions, click here

Water level in my pan after measuring that it comes up to half the height of my ramekins.

Then cover the lid that has been wrapped with a cloth over the pan and let the water come to a boil while we prepare the ingredients.

Put the cupcake liner into the ramekins.

I have purchased the ramekins for the longest time ever but did not put to good use till today!


Mixing together the egg, olive oil, honey and yoghurt.

Adding the sifted flour and baking powder and making sure they are well mixed.

How the batter looks like. It is a little thicker than what I used to make and it got me a little worried if they will raise properly 😛

Filling my cupcake liners with the batter

Putting them into the water bath

Cover and reduce the heat to medium-low and steam for 12minutes

Tada! The beautiful and nicely risen steamed cakes! HAPPY!

Top view

Close up view. The skin is soooo smooth.. like a baby’s butt.. LOL

The ramekins are very hot so it took me a while to pop them out. Loving the beautiful and smooth dome ðŸ™‚

Tearing away the cupcake liner to reveal the light, fluffy and soft cake!

Cross section of the Steamed Cake.

Love it so much that after trying 2, I decided to make another batch of 4 since it is so easy to make and all it took was 20 from starting to end. This recipe is easy and healthy and I feel that it is suitable for parents baking with their children too. You can add your own creativity and adjust the flavours of the steamed cakes to whatever you fancy!

Now my brains are thinking of fun ingredients to add into the steam cakes.. stay tuned for more of my experiments and do share with me your end products too! 🙂

p/s: Sorry for the different shades of the steamed cake cos this is one colour that Iphone6 still have problem balancing

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