Makan Sutera Nasi Lemak Pandan Rice @ Tanjong Pagar Market

My Nasi Lemak Lunch, $3, today!

Bought my Nasi lemak lunch from the Makan Sutera Stall Nasi Lemak Pandan Rice Stall which is located right next to the staircase from the fruits stalls downstairs.

This stall is featured in quite a few programs and there used to be long queues for this stall too but I do not know what happened after the renovation, the queues became sporadic.

Close up of the Nasi Lemak.

I ordered the chicken drumstick and was asked to pick 2 more items to make up my $3 meal. I chose the egg and fish fillet and was given an extra fish cake as Uncle said the chicken drumstick was too small. Yeah! The chilli, cucumber and ikan bilis were part of the meal.

Close up of the ikan bilis with kacang (peanuts)

Love the crispiness of the ikan bilis and I had actually wanted to add this on till Uncle told me it is part of the meal. Nice! Definitely one cheap and good meal without having to queue like mad!

Close up of the chicken drumstick.

It was juicy and not as salty and crispy as the other stalls but I have no complaints. Do ask for more chilli as it was quite shiok to eat with the panda rice! Nasi lemak cravings satisfied! 😉

Makan Sutera Nasi Lemak Pandan Rice
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center
Singapore 081006

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