MacDonald’s Hello Kitty Plush Toys 2012

I must be a frog in the well. ;p I did not even know about the launch of a new Hello Kitty Series from MacDonalds Singapore until I heard that an intern is not joining us for lunch as she is going to get her Hello Kitty. I did not think much of it until another col brought back a MacDonald’s plastic bag with Hello Kitties in it!

I must be the lucky one because I was given one! \*_*/

My Hamburlgar Hello Kitty Plushy

It is much smaller than the previous version that Macdonald’s offered.
See, that is the size of the Hamburlgar Hello Kitty in relation to my hand…

Do watch out for the remaining 3 and grab yours now while stocks last!

Get one Hello Kitty Plushy at $3.60 with one Extra Value Meal purchase. Alternatively you can also purchase it at $9 each.

Release date and Plushy:
17th May to 23rd May 2012 -Hamburglar
24th May until 30th May 2012 – Grimace
31st May until 6th June 2012 – Birdie
7th May until 13th June 2012 – Ronald

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