Maccha House @ Orchard Central

Maccha madness to rest our legs after shopping in Orchard!

Finally trying out Maccha House and it was a perfect timing for us to have tea and to rest our legs after all the shopping in Orchard!

The Menu at the entrance of the place.

I did not know they do lunch too! In my mind I only knew them for sweet stuff related to Maccha! Can definitely give their meals a try the next time as they look awfully good too!

Lunch Sets – Prices starts from $11.99++ and you can upsize your meal with a meal and a dessert.

Menu – Monthly Special

They have a pretty white chocolate maccha tartlet dressed like a Christmas tree in this month’s special menu but we did not order that as there are so many others that we wanted to eat!

Menu – Dorayaki that is back by popular demand.

Will try it the next time! Hoping they will still be available.

Menu that caught my eye 😉

More pretty desserts in the menu!

Menu – Parfait.

This caught my bestie’s eye.

Our order of Traditional Maccha, $3.90++ (per set)

It came with 2 cute shiratama dumplings.

The green tea powder in the bowl

Hot water in the pot

You get to make your own tea the traditional way.

Luckily, my friend knew how to do it so I just followed her instructions! 😛

My turn to make my traditional tea.

Ta-da! This is how a properly done traditional Maccha should look like.

The temperature was just right after we froth up the tea and it was a great drink to wash away all the sweetness from our desserts!

Maccha Pudding Parfait, $10.99++ – Layers of Maccha pudding, fresh cream, cornflakes, kanten jelly and azuki topped with mikan orange, chestnut, shiratama dumplings, maccha soft serve ice cream and a cherry

Top view of the parfait

Close up of the cornflakes and kanten jelly.

Do attack this dessert first before all the cornflakes turn soggy when it soak up the melting ice cream!

Maccha House Canapé Desserts, $10.99++. 

Maccha House’s finest desserts presented in Canapé style – Tiramisu, pudding, nama chocolate, soft serve ice cream and mont blanc roll.


Side view of the tiramisu.


Taking one big mouthful of it.

Nama Chocolate

This is oh so good! Dark chocolate and fresh cream covered with maccha powder. Just melts in your mouth! Yummmm….

The soft serve ice cream was getting melty by the time it arrived at the table.

Mont Blanc Roll

The Mont Blanc Roll is really tiny. It is about the size of the shiratama dumpling but it was pretty good. The canapé is really a good sampling of the many desserts available here and we know what are the nice ones that we will order when we visit again! 🙂

Our maccha cravings was definitely satisfied! Great place to rest the legs, chill and get a light snack before continunig with the shopping! 🙂

Maccha House
181 Orchard Road,
#B1-40 Orchard Central,
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6636-5830
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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