Ma La Hui Cui Guan 麻辣薈萃館 @ Middle Road, revisited

This Mala Steamboat is so good that it is always on our mind and hence, we are back again! And this time, we will try the items that we did not eat the last round! 😛

The items that we ordered this time round

With both of us opting for 2 types of soup base in one pot each

Starters that I helped ourselves to from the chiller.

The very good Spicy Dry Chilli Chicken辣子鸡.

It is not as cripsy today but still taste good!

Special Sauce Chicken 口水鸡 – This is a cold chicken starter with very nice sauce! Why did we not try it the last time?? 😛  Another must eat that PB polished off before I can have my 2nd chicken!

The watermelon 西瓜 that I decided to have with my meal. This item is while stocks last so.. 😛

My self-concocted dipping sauce with plenty of sesame!

My Preserved Salted Vegetable and Tomato Soup bases for my hotpot.

Decided to try the salted vegetable soup instead of sticking with the sze chuan one to see which works best.

PB’s conservative and standard Chicken and Tomato Soup Hotpot

Our table full of food with some of our fav items from last round and some new items!

You Mai Cai 油麦菜 – A green that is only eaten by me!

Our Fav Fish Slices 鲜鱼片

Golden Mushroom ( aka Enoki Mushrom) 金针菇

Shitake Mushroom 香菇

Lotus Root 莲藕

White Cabbage 津百菜


Quail Eggs鹌鹑蛋

Fresh Prawns鲜虾

Fresh Squid鲜鱿鱼

PB ordered this but I did not get to eat it at all!

Beef Ball 牛肉丸

Crab Sticks蟹柳

Slice Beef牛肉片

A tad frozen but we are still loving it

More Prawns for me!

More fish slices too!

Cooked vs raw sliced fish in the background

Decided to try the crab 活螃蟹 this time round and since PB is already full, I asked for a super small portion to try and this is what we got!

Huge claw!

Cooking the crab in progress!

The cooked Claw.

The shell was nicely cracked too that we did not have to wrestle too much in order to eat the meat.

The cooked crab body.

Totally satisfied and at $25/adult, it is really value for money!

Ma La Hui Cui Guan 麻辣薈萃館
260 Middle Road
Singapore 188988
Tel: 63335535 or 63335254
Opening hours: 11am to 5.30am

Prices : Adult: $25, Child: $13 for the Chong Qing Steamboat Buffet

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