Lychee Pop @ Mr Bean

Icy Lychee Soya Milk with Lychee Pop… Yummmmmmmmmmmz……..

It was not the icy soya milk that caught my eye in Singapore’s hot weather. It was the popping lychee pearls that made it resistible to me! LOL

I am probably crazy over all things that pop, especially after having tried and fallen in love with the coffee pop in my milk tea from O’cha at Toyko Street at Pavilion,KL. Imagine how my eyes pop when I saw the words popping lychee pearls as I have not seen such pearls being very commercially produced!

My 12oz Lychee Pop, $3. 

I do not know how long Mr Bean has been selling this product (should not be too long ago) but I got to try it today! It is made by blending 3-4 lychees with their soya milk (with ice of course) and topped with the lychee pearls. When the pearls pop, you get an intense lychee flavour which is a little tart  and contrasted nicely to the healthy soya milk.

Close up of the lychee pearl. You a bigger straw in order to drink it with your icy soya milk.

I had a generous dose of the popping pearls or was it because I ordered the small cup? Either way, I am very pleased with my drink 😀 Will definitely be going back for more!

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