Lou Ma Zi Fried Rice

This post is still piping hot, freshly prepared from the wok! haha

Beautiful Sunday and we are going to post celebrate Mum’s Birthday today!!To make room in the tummy for the feast later, lunch is decidedly Simple!

Mum had already prepared the ingredients even before I woke up. I had casually asked last night if we still have bee hoon at home so that we can have Fried Bee Hoon for lunch but as we ran out of cabbage and moi is too lazy to go out and get some, the idea of the fried rice came about as we have all the ingredients at home! J

I decided at the very last minute that I will do this post so pardon me for the quick and not very nicely composed shots. Have also decided to name this Lou Ma Zi Fried Rice as Lou Ma Zi is what we sometimes call our Mum which means Old Mother in Cantonese and she was the one who came up with this Yummilicious way of frying the rice!

Ingredients need for Lou Ma Zi Fried Rice:

1. Rice – we have a full mini pot of rice here as there are about 4 people in the house. I gathered that it is 2 small cups of rice. In general, leftover rice are used for fried rice as they are said to be drier and more suitable for frying. We rarely have leftover rice in our house hence we always cook fresh ones to fry. 😛 The  skill here is in cooking the rice to perfection! 😛

Pot of loosen rice so that so it is easier to fry

2.  Mixed vegetables – Easily available from all supermarkets. Quantity would be about 2 cups. You can add more if you like more veg in the rice

3.   Eggs – Mum originally took 3. I added another one as I wanted more eggs. 😛

Season the eggs with some light soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper.

Beat the eggs with a fork,

till it is well mixed.

4.  Spiced Pork Cubes – the most important ingredient in this fried rice!!  Without this, the soul is of this fried rice is lost! LOL

Spiced Pork Cubes revealed!

5. 2 cloves of Garlic,

roughly minced. Mum prefers to keep the garlic whole as it prevents it from getting burnt too quickly but I like it minced so that it is nicely distributed in the rice

6. Condiments – Pepper, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce

Ingredients with some of the condiments

How to cook:

Add some oil to the wok when it is hot and then fry the egg first.

Eggs frying in process. Once done, roughly cut up the eggs with your spatula and scoop it aside for use later.

Next, add some oil, then the quickly stir fry the garlic and mixed vegetables. The timing is too short here for me to pause and take for photos! 😛

Add the rice once the mixed vegetables are nicely warmed. This is the tough part as you will need a certain amount of arm strength and endurance to loosen up the rice, ensure they are evenly coated and yet maintain the size of the rice grain.

Add the Spiced Pork Cubes and continue frying.

At a certain point, Mum added the eggs, some light soy sauce (I gather it is about 1-2 table spoons), dark soya sauce (this is only for the colour so a little will do), a few squirts of fish sauce and sprinkle some pepper. She also added some salted preserved vegetables. Then continue stir frying so that every grain is nicely coated.

Secret Shot of mum when she took over 😛 Sheesh..Dun tell her.. 😛

That is the big wok of fried rice. Mum says the key here is to control the fire! Must fry till the rice jump from the wok! :S *aching arms lei*

Secret Ingredient – Chinese Parsley, added at the end to give the rice the added fragrance.

End product – Lou Ma Zi Fried Rice! 😀

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