Long Ji Da Pai Dang 龙记大排档 @ Bukit Merah View


Crab cravings satisfied!

We were way too early for dinner and the stall owner/helpers were just preparing to the stalll/food to be ready for dinner. We have been craving for the taste of the way the crabs were prepared and finally hunted down the chef who used to cook at De Classic Golden Spoon This stall is located nearer to the market side of the hawker centre in case you have problem looking for it like I did. 😛

An article featuring the creation of the chef who used to cook at de classic golden spoon but has come out to open his own stall – Long Ji Da Pai Dang 龙记大排档!

Menu of the crab,  fish, prawns and pork.

The menu here is very simple and features the classic dishes that we like.

The next page features the tofu, vegetables, chicken, and some specials.

Though we were so early, there were some families who were much earlier than us and already browsing the menu!

Once we have placed our orders, the cutlery were placed on our table.

The calamasi water for you to wash your hands with after a good fight with the crabs! LOL

First came the Bee Hoon Crab!!! It looked small from the top view but it was really a huge plate and the chef was generous with the bee hoon and soup portion for 2 pax! The size of the crabs at the stall were about 800-900grams which I was quite happy with as we wanted 2 crabs cooked in 2 ways and if they were any bigger, we may have to keep to only one! 😛

Eat me!

The dish after I dug out the crab and rearranged it!

Fishing out the other claw that was buried in the soup and bee hoon! Succulent meat revealed! Yumz!

My bowl of savoury bee hoon that has soaked up the goodness of the soup and the huge claw.

Close up of the bee hoon with chilli padi that I added to give it extra heat, and crispy pork lard. Can you spot it? 😉

Contrast of bee hoon that has soaked up the soup and those that had not. Great contrast isn’t it?

Another signature dish, Deep Fried Tofu with Cereal and Pumpkin Sauce $8

Close up of the crispy sweet cereal scattered on top of the perfectly deep-fried to golden brown soft beancurd sitting on top of a pumpkin sauce. Need I say more?

Cross section of the pipping hot and soft tofu.

I insisted on having this dish Bean Seeding with Garlic $6  as I wanted some vegetables

Close up of the vegetables.

Healthy portion of greens to balance out the sinful meal which PB had none of! 😛

Finally, the Salted Egg Crab arrived!

Look at how nicely coated with salted egg yolk the crab is! Simply love it!

What makes it stand out is the amount of roe in the crab! Also coated with salted egg yolk!

Cross section of the what I call an Egg in the Egg 😀 Sinfully Good!

Very very satisfying meal which caused a few heads to turn, partly due to the alluring dishes and partly because there was only 2 of us!? Such is the indulgence in life.. hahaha

Our total bill was $96 which is pretty reasonable given the size of the crabs. The dishes tasted the same as when we first ate at the restaurant.  The down side is that the hawker center does not have big round tables that can take more than 6 people and hence if you are coming with your entire family, you may have to opt for the rectangular tables which can take up to 8 or split into several round tables. Payment is by cash only and if you do run out of cash, fret not for there is a POSB atm machine just beside the hawker center. Having said that, it is always better to have cash in hand if you are preparing to have a feast in case the atm decides to go on strike! LOL..

Long Ji Da Pai Dang 龙记大排档
Blk 115 Bukit Merah View Market & Food Centre,
Bukit Merah View #01-68
Singapore 151115
Opening hours: 5.30pm- 9.30pm
Closed on alternate Wednesday

  1. Mac kong

    hello, we have moved from bukit merah to 57 eng hoon street #01-72. feel free to contact us at 97905682 for reservations.

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