Little Easter Chick Doughnut @ Krispy Kreme, Great World City

Happy Easter! This caught my eye as we approached the Krispy Kreme Outlet at Great World City on Level 2 where a queue had formed!

A tad disappointed to be told that the Easter Chick is out of Stock and so I had to settle for something else. With a myraid of doughnuts to choose from, I am way too spoilt for choice and dunno what to get so I got PB to go first.

He ended up ordering 2 doughnuts and I settled with his choice as this 2 doughnuts would probably burst our sugar intake for the day! 😛

The Green Tea Cake Doughnut. 

A tad bitter due to the macha but it was gone in just a few bites 😉

The Speculoos Cookie Butter.

We had this the last round and both of us love it!

The All-Day Treat at only $6 for one doughnut and one medium-sized beverage of your choice.

Absolutely loving this All Day Treat from Krispy Kreme. 🙂 Makes it less expensive to eat #KrispyKremeSG doughnut in Singapore ! 😀

Cross section of the oozy goodness in the Speculoos Cookie Butter Doughnut!

After hanging around for a while, I spy something yellow and cute on the neighbouring table and realised that the Little Easter Chick is available!

Argh! How did it suddenly become available??!! I quickly rushed to the counter to get my hand one of the 3 remaining  Little Easter Chicks. It is available only from 21 to 28 March 2016 only so get your hands on them before they are gone!  There is a also a dozen box savings of buy 9 and get 3 free so it will definitely run out extra quick!

From no chick doughnut to spying it, jumping up to get it and finally eating it, I am so happy to lay my hands on it!

My Little Easter Chick!

Even though you looked imperfect and nowhere near your glossy and smooth cousins in the poster, I still love you! Hahaha

Cross section of the my chick doughnut

I had thought that the chick may have mango perfume from its colour but was told that it is a chick with vanilla icing and strawberry jam stuffing. OK, I am happy to have it whatever the stuffing. It also tasted much better than the green tea cake 😛

Just did a google and realised that there are already 9 Krispy Kreme outlets in Singapore now! Oh my! How time flies! What have I been doing the past 3 years? hmm..hibernating in a well??!!  LOL… Krispy Kreme is also fully certified HALAL so my Muslim friends, you can eat with peace of mind!

Krispy Kreme Great World City
Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Singapore 237994
Opening Hours: Daily – 9am – 10pm

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