Laoban soya beancurd

Heard a lot of friends raving about the soya beancurd from Lao Ban老伴 and saw plenty of facebook post of the beancurd too. While shopping around for dinner at Maxwell , I saw people with bags of soya beancurd in takeaway containers and was wondering where they got it from. I did not realise that they have open a stall Maxwell Market!

Today must be my lucky day because when I got to the shop, there was only one container of the original soya beancurd left. Had I hesitate a little more, I can say good bye to tasting this silkily smooth beancurd as there were people after me trying to get their hand on it. You may think why did I hesitate,well, it was because I saw the fridge filled to the brim with containers of soya beancurd and thought that they had a alot of stock left. Never did I expect that those were not ready for consumption and was actually in preparation for tomorrow! Also, I saw the tag indicating that the almond flavour beancurd was sold out but the original was still available so took my time to decide if I should pack myself a dessert too since I had already packed my main course for dinner.

The beancurd here is unlike the normal ones you get at the market. It is very light, not too sweet and is so smooth it glides down your throat. There is no strong after taste of the soya bean in your mouth too. For people who do not really like soya bean, I suggest you can give this a try. Bet you will definitely fall in love with it!

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (Original)   老伴豆花 $1.50 per container


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