Laksa Lunch @ TPC

The friendly uncles who used to run the laksa stall that I termed the Best Laksa in Tanjong Pagar has retired! So sad! Heard that it has been transferred to someone who is related to them since the beginning of this month!

Some cols say that it still looked and tasted the same while a few did say that they preferred those cooked by the uncle. The saddest thing is there is no more $2 laksa! 🙁

I decided to try it out for myself today and my conclusion is – The Uncle’s tasted better 🙁

My bowl of  Laksa with Fish Fingers, $3.50 that still looks the same. Only difference is that the chilli is no longer served on the spoon for you to stir in.

Closer look at the Laksa. The prawns are bigger and fresher. So is the fried beancurd.  The portion is definitely bigger and there were a lot more bee hoon. I find that the bee hoon were too soft. It lacked the bounciness that those cooked by the uncles used to have. Also, the gravy was a little diluted because the water from the bee hoon was not fully drained off.

Ordered a Sugar Cane with Lemon to complete the meal. A perfect thirst quencher on a hot day too!

Snapping a picture of My Half Eaten Lunch – Laksa with Fish Fingers and Sugar Cane with Lemon

Overall, I find that the portion was too big although it still tasted very much like how the uncles cooked it except that it was a little sweeter.  For guys who have big appetite, this bowl will definitely satisfy their hunger. 🙂

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