Laksa @ Ah Seng Laksa & Prawn Noodle 亚成叻沙。虾面, Tanjong Pagar Market

My slightly sinful Lunch – Laksa, $3, today!

Being a tad late (ard 12.30pm), I had to walk 3 rounds the food centre before I found a seat for myself and proceed to get my food. I was attracted to some black bowls with coconut gravy that some customers were eating and soon, narrowed it down to it coming from Ah Seng Laksa & Prawn Mee !

The stall only sells 2  items  – Prawn Mee (Soup/Dry) and Laksa. Specialise stall – I like! 🙂 I was quite surprised to see that they have Nets FlashPay and there is even a a 5% rebate if you pay with it. Our hawker folks are really keeping up with technology! 🙂

Uncle preparing my Laksa.

Their prawn mee was sold out when I arrived at 12.30pm! That may explain why there is no queue and I can get my Laksa quickly! Need to make a note to try the prawn noodles the next time!

My Laksa with Thick Bee Hoon, $3. 

For $3, there are deep-fried dry beancurd in it which has soaked up all the nice laksa gravy, some fishcakes, bean sprouts and cockles! Cheap, good and filling! Not many stalls have cockles in their Laksa nowadays and this cockle is really fresh and fat. Though I am not a cockle fan, I still asked for a little in my Laksa just for the taste. 🙂

Close up some of the fish cake, tou pok, cockles, bean sprouts and thick bee hoon.

The gravy wise, it is not as thick as some others you may have tried but the flavour is there. I feel that it can be a little thicker but for those who are looking for Laksa that is a little less sinful (especially with all the feasting this festive season) , it may be the one for you.

Ah Seng Laksa & Prawn Noodle亚成叻沙。虾面
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center
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