La La White Bee Hoon 啦啦白米粉 @ Maxwell Food Centre

My La La White Bee Hoon 啦啦白米粉, $5, for lunch today!

I know I am a super late entren to the La La Bee Hoon dish at Hawker Centres but this was so tempting that I just had to change my healthy order to this! 😛

The stall that I queued up at – Spinach & Soup.

From the name of the stall, you would know that I had originally wanted to try out the Spinach and Soup so that I can make a comparison to the one at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre but if my memory did not fail me, this stall used to specialise in Lala Bee Hoon and after watching the uncle prepare the food and the orders of those before me, my mind was changed! LOL

Menu at the stall,

Prices and items for the spinach and soup looks pretty much the same as that at Tanjong Pagar but I can add on lala for extra $2 here if I wanted!  Let me try them next time!

The uncle at work preparing a wok-hei dish.

My La La Bee Hoon, $5 nett, as served.

Very Wok-hei indeed! Added a scope of pork lard by the side! 😀

Fishing out the la la and ingredients in the noodles for a picture.

Slices of fish buried in the bee hoon!

The lala shells.

The lalas were very fresh and sweet and I like it that they are properly cleaned, ie, no sand in them. The broth used to cook the noodles were yummy too! No regrets changing my order 😛

Spinach and Soup
1 Kadayanallur Street, Stall 93 Maxwell Food Centre 麦克斯韦路熟食中心, Singapore 069184


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