La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel

Our lingering memory of the delicious pizza brought us back to La Cantina for dinner. The last time I was here, it was to celebrate my 3rd decade on planet Earth! LOL.. The food was great, the ambience was cosy and relaxing, the service staff conspired perfectly with my date to spring a surprise on me and sang my birthday song with gusto! 🙂

I left the ordering to my PB and guessed he was trying to relive those beautiful memories by ordering almost the same items. Unfortunately, the deep-fried mozzarella cheese which we both loved is no longer available. Instead , we ordered the calamari from the hot appetizers.

Top view of Calamari

Calamari/ Deep Fried Squid, $16.50 – A light batter encompassed the meaty and bouncy squid. The batter was light yet crispy and was sprinkled with a little salt before serving. This dish goes down well with me although I am not a squid lover. 😛 I like the cold tomato dip by the side as it contrast the freshly deep fried squid and whets your appetite for more.

The meaty squid with very thin batter.

The house bread that was served after our appetiser. It was not warm, a little crispy but goes well with the olive and balsamic vingear dip.

Mushroom Cream Soup, $9.90 that we ordered to share. Pretty normal and at that price, I do consider it a little expensive.

The House White Wine, $14.50 which I ordered came only in the middle of the meal 🙁

Another dish that we could not forget was the Vongole Al Vino Bianco/ Clam in WhiteWine Sauce, $18.50. The clams seemed to be much smaller than what we remembered but it still tasted great. We slurped up the clams and whatever sauce there was in the plate. Though it was full of garlic (typical of Italian cuisine), it did not leave the garlic-ky taste in your mouth after eating. PB felt that it was a little salty but it was ok to me as I lapped up whatever that was left 😛 We fished out about 7 clams that did not open after cooking and was stacking our shells nicely for a “finished pic” but it was taken away as our pizza arrived as there just was not enough space on our table. 🙁

Close up of the clams after extracting from the shells.

We order the Ferrari Pizza on the recommendation of the waiter. The pizza is a must-eat when you come to La Cantina. All of the items looks good and we could not decide on which one to order hence settle for the Ferrari which is said to be one of the best seller in the restaurant.

Pizza Ferrari $27.90. There was pomodoro, mozzarella, bacon, salami, capscium and fresh tomatoes in it. Eat it while it is hot and you can pull the mozzarella cheese like what you see on the pizzas advertisement on TV. 😉 I found the pizza a little wet at the center, probably due to the fresh tomatoes but the crust was still nice and crispy. Ask for some parmesan cheese if you like it to be more cheesy.

Parmesan Cheese

If you are still not full by now, I would suggest that you order their ice cream instead of the house cake which we ordered.The Chocolate Truffle Cake, $9.50 we ordered smells great when it was served but did not score as well in the taste category.

I felt that it was overbaked as it tasted a little charred and a thin crust had formed. We were not wowed by it and my suggestion is to give it a miss. You can definitely get better desserts else where.

PB’s Latte, $8.50 which was served at the end of the meal though we had asked for it to be served first.

Overall, food is still fresh and delicious though service is a little lacking this time round. The order of how the food should be served were pretty messed up and they forgot our drinks which we had to remind them. Having said that, it is still a great place to chill. Do make a reservation for an outdoor seat if you would like to enjoy the sea breeze and view the planes flying by while enjoying your meal.





La Cantina in Venezia
1 Netheravon Road,
Changi Village Hotel,
Singapore 228213

Opening Hours:
Tue to Fri:11am to 3pm, 6pm till Late
Weekends: 11am till Late
Tel: 6546 9190
Fax: 6546 9153



Photos taken with Iphone4S

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