Korean BBQ Restaurant 花。韩国料理 @Bandar Permas Jaya, JB-Malaysia

It is Korean Feast time again! 🙂

Trying out Restoran Korean BBQ Restaurant 花。韩国料理 in the Permas Jaya area as the one we wanted to try was close for renovation. Having tried Nam San Seoul Korean BBQ Restoran and Seoul BBQ Korean Restoran, this gotten our friend’s approval after he saw the pictures of the meats plastered on the entrance! LOL.. and so we decided to give this a try, though we cannot find them on social media, so that we so that we will know which is the best in this area 😉

Cover of the Menu Placed at the entrance


Pretty appetizing pictures that got me hooked too!

Menu – Pork and Chicken Set for 2-3 pax and 5-6 pax ranging from RM85+ to RM189+.

Good value for the variety and portion but I know PB will have none of these as stew/casserole are not on his list. 😛 The menu is listed in Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese so you know where the clientele is from.

Menu – Beef sets

Sorry for the blur pic! Took it in a hurry and did not realised it was blur!

Menu – Beef, Pork and Others

Menu – Steamboat and Ala carte orders

Menu – Ala Carte and Soup With rice

Menu – Rice & Noodles and Beverages

View of part of the interior

View of the interior from where we were seated.

As we came in way before dinner time, the restaurant was quite empty but there were people in the private rooms and the waitress was cooking their meat for them outside.

The 11 Ban Chan (aka Side dish) that we were served after we placed our orders!

Side Dish #1: Vegetables tempura

Very nice and we had seconds of this.

Side Dish #2: Kim Chi

The Kimchi here is a little special. It is not as spicy as the rest and has a fruity feel to it. Try it and let me know if you tasted it the same way. 😉

Side Dish #3: Pasta. 

First time seeing pasta in a ban chan. Interesting!

Side Dish #4: Sausage with Spring Onions. 

Like this dish too!

Side Dish #5: Seaweed soup? 

Side Dish #6: Cauliflower with carrots and luncheon meat

Love this dish and we had seconds too!

Side Dish #7: Meat

It was a tad hard and we do not know what it was till the waitress told us that it is meat! 😛

Side Dish #8: Stir-fried Mushrooms

Love this too!

Side Dish #9: Radish with green chilli

It is a sour side dish that is good for eating after you have finished the fatty meats.

Side Dish #10: Crab stick with green bean. 

Side Dish #11: Big head Bean sprouts.

Barley drink that we were served.

The covered grill heating up.

The grill pan hot and ready for the meats.

The beautiful basket of lettuce to wrap our meats.

Fermented bean paste and sesame oil with salt and pepper dips.

Leeks or spring onions that I eat it in a wrap with my meat.

First up, Spicy Pork Ribeye 辣酱五花肉, RM33+

Close up of the well marinated pork.

We did not have to lift a finger to cook our food here too as the service staff will help to grill them.

All our pork grilling in process with a slice of abalone mushroom, onions and garlic.

The grilled Spicy Pork Ribeye.

It was not spicy but very well marinated. I had left the ordering to the men so I did not know that it was actually spicy pork till I saw the recipe! 😛

Beans Thread Fresh Vegetable 韩试什锦菜, RM23+

Very weird name in the menu but this is Japchae. Portion was pretty big and we did not manage to finish it.

Egg Custard 蒸蛋, RM10+

The egg custard here is very firm. I preferred the soft and pillowy ones.

Close up of the very firm egg custard on my messy plate. 😛

Next up, the beef.

Fresh Short Ribs 鲜牛排, RM62+

Marinated LA Ribs 烤洛杉矶牛排, RM59+

The grill plate was changed before putting the marinated LA ribs to grill.

The cooked side of the ribs.

Ribs cut into bit size.

Ready to eat!

The beef was well marinate and very nicely grilled but some pieces were just too fat for my liking. PB also had a hard time wrestling those meat off from the bones! LOL..

Grilling the fresh short rib on a clean grill.

Cook so quickly!

Nicely cut up into bit size portion.

I feel that the meat here is cut a little too thin and there were too many fatty parts in the meat for us to enjoy it properly.

The juices left behind by our meats in the grill after the plate was taken away.

Complimentary Dessert to end our meal.

A shot of ginger slushie to help wash off those greasiness from the BBQ meat. Nice touch with addition of the pine nuts too.

Our total bill came up to RM198.20 (~SGD64.77) after GST which is really a steal for 3 pax! They do not have service charge here so do tip them if you can as the service staff are really efficient and friendly in executing their task.

The stamp card that we were given.

I believe that a spending of RM100 gets you one stamp. Collect 5 stamps to exchange for a soy bean paste/kimchi stew and 10 stamps to exchange for Kimchi stew and seafood pancake.

Korean BBQ Restaurant 花。韩国料理
No 106, Jalan Permas 10,
Bandar Permas Jaya,
81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +6073806048 / +60143801364

For full set of photos, click here

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