Kimly Handmade Tim Sum 金味手工点心

Deep Fried Popiah and Sesame Balls

Had the chance to try Kimly Handmade Tim Sum 金味手工点心  and I never knew that such a nice dim sum chain existed! It is listed in Singaore Best Food too!

Carrot Cake

Siew Mai and Har Gao

Very very decent and nice and the chilli was delicious too!

Central and East Outlets printed on the plastic bag

South and West Outlets.

So many outlets!! I am definitely going to visit one near my place soon to try other varieties!

  1. Michelle ong

    On 26/6/17 5am, as I am hungry and was staying near to Blk 232. I went early morning to buy something to fill my stomach. But before this day, I remember buying and eating century egg porridge from this young guy working night shift at Ang mo kio Blk 232. He gave me full bowl but after that I requested not so much century eggs. As I know too much for. Indeed I could not finish and went off as I eat and eat trying not to waste. But the cleaner saw the left over and kept looking as tellinge that i am wasting food.
    So on 26/6/17 5am, I am hungry and went back again. So I saw the fried carrot cakes 3 at $2.20. so I hesitated as I thought if I buy 3 I can eat more instead of buying 1 at $0.80. I saw the young boy and he saw me, but he did not stop his work to serve me. He told me to wait after 1min. As he was doing the basket Tim sum. So I waited. He did not ask me what I want after he finish. Instead I told me what I want and I told him I want to pack 3 individually. He pretend never heard me as there was one plastic already in his hand, the other holding the gripper. I am very patient and repeat myself again as he pauled. The shop there do not have Any customers at all and was quiet with the coffeeshop staffs: cleaner , drink stalls noise, etc only. And I don’t think that he did not hear me at all! He purposely want me to waster breath and repeat that 3 in each individually plastic bag. The second time I repeat was I shouted abit loud and pointed at the carrot cakes! I was actually already hungry already but he make me do that! So angry and furious ! Such young guy and poor hearing! No manner at all!

    • slowchomp

      Hi Michelle,

      Sorry to hear your bad experience! This is my personal blog post and not link to kimly so hope the management will see all the feedbacks. If not, you may want to drop them an email regarding the poor staff attitude.


  2. Michelle ong

    I love to buy Tim sum and eat Tim sum and I think the prices are reasonable except for the staffs.

    • slowchomp

      I encountered poor service before too but do not let that affect your mood.

  3. Michelle ong

    I am very disappointed and angry.


    I hope your management will do something and not keep changing staffs.

    • slowchomp

      Hi Carol,

      This is my personal blog post and has no link to Kimly. Hope the management will see all your feedbacks. 🙂


  5. Joe

    12/10 After work 10:30pm go bishan 514 to having my supper,The staff attidute is very bad! I hear a lot of thing about that staff before, finally! I know the happen what they say about her.

    • slowchomp

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for visiting my personal blog and I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. I hope the management can see your comment and act on it.

  6. Joe

    And I never see serving line staff can scold custumer .

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