Kim Kee Cooked Food 锦记熟食 @ Tanjong Pagar Market

So many things to eat yet dunno what to eat, that is the dilemma everyday! Lol…

Walking around the food centre, I finally decided on this stall since it is the only one that sells macaroni. The old stall that sells this before the renovation is no longer around as the Ah Mas who tended the previous stall was soooo old they were way overdue for retirement and the renovation of the food centre was probably the stop call for them. 🙁

View of the stall with the noodles and cutlery

This stall only sells 3 items, ie, Mushroom Shredded Chicken Noodle 香菇鸡丝面 $3/4, Curry Chicken Noodle 咖喱鸡面 $3/4 and Shredded Chicken Macaroni 鸡丝通心粉 $3.

Stall owners preparing the food orders

I was tempted by the curry but felt like eating macaroni but the macroni with shredded chicken only was too plain for my liking… and so I ended up with a Mushroom Shredded Chicken Macaroni 香菇鸡丝通心粉, $3. I had expected to get the dry version since I was basically changing the noodle to macaroni but I was given the soup version. I have no complaints too since it helps me eat healthier and cut some calories. Hee..

For $3, the portion was considered big. I got a big bowl of macaroni, which was cooked perfectly, topped with sliced mushrooms and shredded chicken and vegetables. The soup was clear with a hint of ginger and it feels so home cooked – simple and healthy!

I think I should really eat this everyday to help me lose some weight but the pot of curry simmering there is just gonna do the opposite! LOL! It looks so tempting that I am definitely going to try it the next time!

Kim Kee Cooked Food 锦记熟食
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center
Singapore 081006

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