Katsu Don @ Chris Japanese Cuisine @ TPC

I am back at TPC for lunch!!! Time for a sweet headache! 😉 Been away for a few months but strangely, I did not have cravings for the food that I used to like. Perhaps I have gotten used to healthy home-cooked food and find most of the food outside either too salty or too oily. For working adults, I guess we really have not much choice but to live with what our hawkers serve us.

Looking around for food ideas and catching up randomly with colleagues who have gotten their food, I asked for their suggestions and was told to try the Japanese food at the ‘new coffeeshop’. ‘New’ cos this coffeeshop has changed hands a number of times and most do not last long. Hence the advice given to me was – Eat it while it is still around! Lol

I took their advise because it was a refreshing change from the usual zhi char and economic rice selections from the numerous coffeeshop in the area. Also, my col’s order of japanese curry rice looks good. ;p

Tanjong Pagar Complex - Chris Japanese Cuisine

I went to place my order but was told that the curry left was insufficient to fulfil another order! In short, it is out of stock and it was only 12.10pm!!I settled for the Katsu Don after browsing through the menu.

Chicken Katsu Don with Miso Soup ($5)

There is a choice of pork or chicken and I opted for the Chicken Katsu don, $5. All the food comes with free miso soup that you are encouraged to help yourself. It tasted yummy. It is a decent meal that fills me up nicely. The pieces of chicken in it were cut to bit size so it is just nice to pop into your mouth with a mouthful of rice. The egg was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of onions and sauce that gave it a smooth and silky feel. The only improvement needed would be the rice as i felt it lacked the taste of mirin. It could have tasted much better if they had added a little more mirin but they could not have done that as they use the same rice from the pot for all their dishes.

Would definitely visit again to try their curry rice 🙂

  1. slowchomp

    This foodstall cum coffeshop has closed down.

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