Kangaroo Harvest – Walnuts Cranberry Nut Mix

Chanced upon this individually packed healthy snack in NTUC and decided to grab a bag of it to try! Reminds me of the one I bought from Korea and love so much and am so glad to finally see something similar in Singapore! Each bag consist of 7 packets of 30g of individually packed nut mix. I know I can make my individual portions but since we are staying in such an efficient country, there is really not much incentive to make your own as things are so easily available! Just throw one into your bag and off you go! The only factor that may change everything is of course the thought for the environment.

Back of the bag of the new Kangaroo Harvest premium Walnuts Cranberry Mix. 

They have 2 other mix available (Black Soy Nut Mix and Goji Berry Nut Mix) too but I thought I would try this first since there is a promotion at NTUC selling this for $7.25 (original price $7.80) which means that one 30g portion cost ~$1.04.

Ingredients in each 30g packet – White pumpkin kernel. Cranberries, Dried Walnuts, Almond, Raisin

Nutrition information for those who are calories cautious.

Pouring out the 7 30g packets in the bag

Ingredients in one of the 30g packet.

Balanced mix of nuts and seeds providing you with energy, iron, omega 3 and dietary fibre.

Pouring out some of the ingredients from the bag.

To me, this is good for breakfast or for times when you just want to munch on something. 😉  Get yours at NTUC/Honestbee/Redmart/qoo10


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