Joyden Treasures Restaurant @ Kallang Leisure Park

Been wanting to try the dim sum at Joyden but the Hillview outlet is simply too ulu and far for me! Luckily, Joyden recently opened an outlet called Joyden Treasures at Kallang Leisure Park which is so much more accessible and made the dim sum not that out of reach. LOL.  FYI, the nearest MRT station at Stadium MRT Station.

Joyden’s advertisement on the lift doors so if you do not know what to eat, take inspirations from there. 😛


Part of the interior near the entrance

The inside was way more spacious than I had expected. Really good for family dinners and families with old folks with wheelchairs or kids in prams as there are quite a bit of space to manoveur around.

The Dim Sum Menu

Menu of Steamed Dim Sum.

Most of the Joyden Signature were sold out when we placed our orders at around 1.30pm! So if you want to avoid disappointment, do go early!

Menu – Local Specialty of Kuehs and cakes

Menu – Cheong Fun and Congee

The Sliced Pork and Century Egg Congee was sold out too!

Menu – Fried and Baked Dim Sum – Part 1

Menu – Fried and Baked Dim Sum –  Part 2

Table Setting.

Wet Tissues are chargeable at $0.40++ each

Pickled Achar and Peanuts, $2++

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry, 3 pieces for $4.50++

Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, 4 pieces for $5++

There was one tablespoon full of stock wrapped in that XLB! Thumbs up!

Scallop and Mango Crispy Wrap (regular), $14++

Cross section of the wrap.

Pretty interesting combination of mango with scallops.

Steamed Chicken and Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf, 2 pieces for $4.20++

No picture of the inside as we were too busy eating but there were pieces of chicken, shrimps and salted yolk in it. 🙂

Joyden Signature – Golden Chrysanthemum Imperial Seafood Dumpling, 3 pieces for $4.50++

A very very crispy chrysanthemun that may create a mess when you bite into it. In the middle is a seafood paste that is  has been overshaowed by the “flower” 😛

Pan-fried Carrot Cake with Preserved Sausage, 3 pieces for $4.20++

Deep Fried Fish Skin With salted Yolk (medium), $19++

This is a dish that married 2 items that most of us love – salted egg yolk sauce and crispy fish skin. Would recommend that you order a portion larger than your group size as the crispiness of the fish skin combined with the salty egg yolk sauce will ensure that you reach for more and it will be gone before you know!

BBQ Pork Cheong Fun, $4.50++

Half way through and our table is already FULL!

That is the fun part about eating dim sum as you have to keep making space for those bamboo baskets that constantly streams in. 😛

Joyden Signature – Steamed Shrimp Siew Mai with Fish Roe, 4 pieces for $4.50++

This was supposed be sold out but the service staff found one and asked if we wanted it. OF COURSE we DO!

Joyden Signature – Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun, 3 pieces for $4.50++

An item that I was crazy about few years back but has since gotten over it. The bun has also gotten main stream, appearing at most of the dim sum places but some are really not worth the calories.

I found this a tad oily and not as savoury as it should be.

Joyden Signature – Crispy Prawn Dumpling with Mayonnaise, $4.50

Joyden Signature- Crispy Beancurd Skin Roll with Prawns, $4.50++

We had ordered the steamed one but not too sure why we got the deep fried one but it tasted good nonetheless.

Joyden Signature – Crushed Peanut Ang Gu Kueh, 3 pieces for $4.20++

The ang gu kuehs that we decided to add on. The skin was thin and overall it was quite nice but on the sweet side.  The flavours come in separate bamboo baskets and you will have to order 2 different baskets if you want to try both. They do not have the combination as advertised on the lift.

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, 3 pieces for $4.20++

Our bill of $152.07 after factoring in tea ($1.50 per pax), towel, pickle, service charge and GST. Pretty OK pricing but we need to go there earlier to avoid the disappointment of hearing that the popular  items are  OoS – Out of Stock!

For big groups, it is recommended to make a reservation as the restaurant can get really busy with big families out for  meals. 🙂

To see the food at Joyden Canton Kitchen, click here

Joyden Treasures
5 Stadium Walk #02-42,
Leisure Park Kallang,
Singapore 397693
Nearest MRT Station : Stadium MRT
Tel: +65 6446 8488
Opening Hours:
Lunch: Monday – Friday : 11.30am – 3pm , Saturday, Sunday & PH: 10.30am – 3pm
Dinner: Monday – Friday 6pm – 10pm, Saturday, Sunday & PH: 5.30pm – 10.30pm


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