Joe’s Kitchen Thai Cuisine @ Bukit Merah Lane 1

Another hidden gem uncovered – Joe’s Kitchen Thai Cuisine! Most people would associate this area with the famous ang ku kuehs, zichar stalls or hawker food at the Alexander Village and rarely with Joe’s Kitchen that shares the same big carpark! Since we were looking for a different cuisine, I discovered Joe’s Kitchen from Burrple and thank goodness we were early and get/choose our seats!

View of Joe’s Kitchen with air-con and non-aircon dining area. They have rented another 1/2 shop space to seat their customers in air-conditioned comfort which I unfortunately do not have a pic of.

Entrance of Joe’s Kitchen from where I was seated.

Simple 2 page menu that is filled with food that looks all too good! Appetiziers (so many that we wanted to try but not enough stomach space! ;P), salads, soups, beef, chicken, pork…

Menu – Prawns, crabs, fish, veg, rice & noodles, desserts..

For a clearer pic of the menu, click here

Close up of the variety of soup available.

We got the service staff to recommend one for us 🙂

Started our meal with Thai Ice Milk Tea, $3+ each.

They can actually tweak it to less sweet as what we have requested but after tasting the less sweet version, we decided that it si better to stick to the original one. 😛

Mango Salad, $7.80+

First time I see the salad topped with dried scallops. As we had asked for a less spicy version, this was very palatable.

Pandan Leaves Chicken, $3+ per piece

Close up of the Pandan Leaves Chicken

After I unwrapped it. Meaty, juicy and well marinated.

Stuff Chicken Wings, $3+ per piece

Ordered only 1 piece as PB has already ordered way too much food! Need to QC! 😛

Cross section of the fully stuffed chicken wing!

The skin is so thin and crispy and there were so much stuffing in it that eating one on its own can make you very full! Felt like we were eating chicken pie cos of the filling used.

Thai Prawn Cake, $2.80+ per piece

Cross section of the Thai Prawn Cake.

This is really good and you must order when you are here! It is very thin but very crispy and you can taste the prawns in it! Best of all, it does not feel oily at all! Gone in a few bites!

Thai Fried Vermicelli, $6+

I was tempted to try this after seeing the picture in Burrple! True enough, there were lots of ingredients in this fried vermicelli and it feels so healthy that there is no guilt eating it! 😀 I can have it any time!

Pineapple Rice(single Bowl), $2+

What is eating at a Thai place without trying their pineapple rice? Luckily for us, there is a single bowl serving available to order and hence we did not have to stuff ourselves silly 😛  This rice goes very well with the tom yum soup, a perfect combination for a meal for one pax!

Tom Yum Nam Kone (Original Orange Soup Base), $6.80+/$10.90+/$15.90+
with an option of seafood/prawn/sliced fish/fried fish/chicken

Close up of our Original Seafood Tom Yum Soup, $6.80+ (Small)

It was recommended by the staff and made less spicy on PB’s request. The soup was fragrant, very drinkable and the ingredients were very fresh!

There were 2 prawns, slices of fish & squid, mushrooms and tomatoes in it. Maybe next time should try the fried fish version 😛

Belachan Sweet Potato Leaves, $8.90+

Though we already had many dishes, I still had to add on a vegetable to balance the entire meal! The potato leaves were very tender but the belachan was a little spicy as we did not request for less spicy for this one!

The aftermath!

Our Bill – considered cheap for so much food!

Name card (front)

Name card (back) with bus number and nearest MRT to the Joe’s Thai

We were very lucky to have arrived early as they had to turn away some customers who had no reservations during peak diner time. It is not difficult to locate Joe’s kitchen as it is just opposite Alexandra Hospital or a road away from Ikea and the newly opened Park Hotel Alexander So to avoid disappointment, do make remember to make a reservation!

Joe’s Kitchen Thai Cuisine
Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-182
Singapore 150125
Tel: 62708484
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11am – 3pm, last order at 2.30pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10pm,last order at 9.30pm


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