Jade Chicken Rice 翡翠海南鸡饭 @ Tanjong Pagar Complex

My Chicken Set lunch feast, $6.50, from a new stall at LG Coffee House Coffeshop at Tanjong  Pagar Complex (TPC)!

Jade Chicken Rice has just opened and this is the 2nd chicken rice stall (other than Brother Andy) in this cluster of coffee shops. New stalls always draw long queues.. ;p

Ginger and chilli sauce that you can help yourself to.

Free soup that is flavoursome and full of potatoes, carrots and cabbages. Definitely a bonus!

The vegetable that is part of my set which effectively costs $2 as the chicken rice cost $4.50, a tad pricely in this area.

The mountain of chicken rice that is fragrant and not too oily.

There is a big container of achar (pickled vegetable – cucumber, carrot and pineapple) that you can helped yourself to. Nice free item that helps to balance the oil from the chicken and rice.

The roast chicken served on a separate plate.

Love how well marinated the chicken is and I got a part that I like without explicitly asking for it! 🙂 The sauce is nice drizzled over the rice too!

Went back on a different day to order the normal chicken rice. The price of the chicken rice seemed to have been adjusted lower by $0.50, costing just $4 a plate. The chicken meat and the rice are still plated separately.

Cannot resist adding on a braised beancurd to up the variety at an additional $1.

The chicken meat here is plumb and juicy and the freebies at this stall makes up for the higher price charged. Definitely one hearty meal that may bring on the z-monster after lunch! Hahaha…

Jade Chicken Rice 翡翠海南鸡饭
LG Coffee House
7 Keppel Road,
Singapore 089053

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